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image from Frobidden Planet
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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Venture Seeds (Also the Black Book of Ancient Atlantis)

Venture Seeds are inspired more than a bit by the capsule adventures (of various stripes and in different departments) in the old Journal of the Traveller’s Aid Society   Sometimes more a casual encounter, sometimes more of an Amber Zone.

Venture seeds are – obviously – adventure seeds. Which is to say, little mobile elements that the Judge  can pepper throughout their game  to serve as minor encounters or a full session or more of gaming.  From a more in-universe standpoint, they represent ‘opportunities’ for the Player Characters. 
Venture seeds should always, ideally, follow the maxim – “ take a risk, maybe get something.”
Sometimes they are hose jobs, and sometimes there are actual fortunes to be made. More often they will gain in experience both in the traditional gaming sense and in the seeing the universe sense. 
In Galaxy Black, being well-traveled is functionally a superpower, looked at in the right way….

Format  Pretty self-explainatory. Each Venture seed, where necessary will feature a name or catchy title then immediately below list first what the recommended or assumed size of group the seed is for, then what the group will need to qualify, and finally what elements from the game are especially featured should be listed thirdly.  

Other venture seeds already in this blog

Though I'm sure there's more you could use for this purpose.  
For example....

The Black Book of Ancient Atlantis also called the Book of Black Bindings, the White Book of Atlantis, and “the Holding of Darkness in Bands of White and Text”

History and Lore  Is an ancient work of Prehistoric Teranaya.  For much of Teranaya’s immediate pre-spaceflight history, it represented the greatest single sum total work of Black Magick known in the world at that time, a sort of compilation of all of a previous era’s greatest evils.
It is said that one of the first paths of vampiric un-death is due this book and it’s fell incantations and esoteric formulae. The final sinful decades of Last Atlantis saw many occult groups rise in power in that land but only in that time did such a scholarly work of such black evil come to be or could have come to be.

But this is Teranaya, where Hell has come and gone, in struggles both literal and figurative since literally intelligent life has existed upon it’s mass.   Here the first fallen was loosed, and then bound, and then loosed again for final destruction. Here the very prison at hell’s Centre itself was set in the bay of a mortal city in a monumental act of mortal hubris.  Here Hell itself came calling after the bill after Teranaya unleashed the Technarchy on a younger galaxy, a wave of extermination, genocide, and death ending in the comparative purity of hell’s own flame.   Here, Teranaya was burned and yet risen anew.
So, it may be inferred that even at a young stage of development, those Terran sorcerers knew something special about the black arts.

Description and Paraphysical Qualities
The book is wrought of what tests positive for a primitive strain of what the modern Imperium calls Saurid.  IT has been suggested that the theorized Ancient Empire of Saurids may have at some point established an equatorial colony on Prehistoric Teranaya at some point though no evidence currently exists to support such a hypothesis.
Thick black leather that has proven metaphysically resilient to fire, cold and other extremes of temperature (indeed, it is Void rated and could be – and has been – evacuated into the vacuum of space without apparent damage or degradation) notoriously the book also contains (some would maintain primarily exists as a strong magnetic field that is capable of discharging electrical impulses and weak plasma exposures. The upward limit of the book’s tensile strength has yet to be determined.
The pages are sewn together patches of Saurid and other, precursor species, skin, while the ink, the strange white ink used throughout upon it’s black pages tests 98.l9% positive for Homo sapiens recens, a sapiens sapiens precursor known primarily as the periodic inhabitants of ancient Atlantis, esp. in its second and final ages.
The book has been shown to have multidimensional existence and possesses Correct Geometry for a Sacred Vessel.   It bleeds unknown energies and negative energy fields at seemingly random intervals.  Attempts to duplicate the work metaphysically have failed and most spectacularly. At least two Grand Curses await any who attempt it, likely killing the idle curious. It will not scan or upload into virtual modeling.  IT is blank to pure data and most datalife cannot perceive much of the book or its contents. Attempting to fully replicate the book physically have been successful (see below) but even then, must be sufficiently flawed to avoid triggering the second of the two great curses, which even if survived, will pass on indefinitely to one’s offspring and or one’s heirs.

The book is a major work of necromantic and conjuration magic, as well as containing fair insights into self – directed transformation magics of a physical nature, including alchemy.  The book contains lavish summoning’s and invocations for a variety of ancient demons and space monsters, as well as mysterious spectral entities from a primitive Sub-ether.  There is also much metaphysical contemplation of the Void, presented as a ‘behavior guide’ to ‘hardening the heart and soul’ against the nature of the work.

The book contains many formulae for transformation into a variety of necromantic un-death states, though the Blight Curse that one invokes to induce a vampiric state is contained, in precise and complete detail, only within the Saurid skin pages of this Ancient work.

Summonings:                    Invocations:                      Transformations
Succubi & incubi                  Sutekh                                   Blight Curse (vampirism)  
Star demons                         the Black Pharaoh               living mummification prep
Psychopomps                        Yig of the Egg                        alchemy transform H to SF[1]
Lethe Elementals                 Great Cthulhu                      a poss. Path to lichdom
Spectres, Wraiths                various lords of death         alchemy ghoul creation rite
Memory Eaters                    minor Void entities             zombie salts
Space monsters                    Star beasts                             alchemy void mead body

The book also details the ancient-even-then language of the serpent people who were by then largely extinct, having been long hunted for their esoteric knowledge. Further it provides a basis for magic invoking that people’s great powers.  Yig of the Egg among others.  
Also, within the book’s pages are several pages dedicated to the ‘questionable alchemy’ of that people. 
Allegedly the book was used once in prehistoric times to banish all vampires from the world.  Possibly this is an echo however from a similar book in an adjacent Splinter.

When used as a focus for casting magic, +1 to the spell check results. When one with the arcane affinity for Black Magick uses it thus, they at +3 to their spell check results, and likely also unlock other aspects of the tome that are not otherwise observable in normal space-time conditions.

Collection and Location
The book is commonly (and falsely) believed to be on some private display within the Thetyel Family compound on Irzibete. However, this is a forgery, and a known one.  A single use transcription and fabrication copy, lacking any actual enchantments and fragmenting much of the lore inside, exists there instead…created by that noble family, in a private arrangement with the Dean of Esoteric Studies at the Imperial Science Academy. 

The Real book is located at the ISA’s Holdfast pyramid located at Teranaya’s Equator. There, it is under some manner of “contained study” within the Dean’s purview  

The Future and its’ Secrets
It is doubtful that anyone involved realizes how much more effective the book is at what it does on the world of its’ origin.   While the stars of that world’s night sky have changed considerably since this book was incepted, they are close enough to still effectively add 1 to all bonuses previously described while being used and studies on Teranaya itself.

This would effectively mean +4 to all spell check results in the hands of a black magician, and if they were invoking the forces of hell within, they would earn the like bonus from Teranaya’s metaphysical poles (Heaven and Hell respectively[2] +2/+3) making it a +7…bonused by the above to +8.

That could be dangerous.  But surely no one in the Imperial Science Academy would have more than scholarly interest in such a work, right?

Happy Halloween

[1] Human to serpent folk; it’s a one way transformation, you wouldn’t like it.
[2] Teranaya’s double metaphysical poles are well known to the ISA
Heaven & Hell/ Progress & Catastrophie        +2/+3, and (order) +1 (chaos)+2

Monday, October 7, 2019

Castor Nine Lilies - rogue Second Empire replimatter holocaust engine

CASTOR SECTOR CODE -9/LILY Was manufactured at the end of the Second Imperium’s Last War. A most horrible weapon, she was developed as part of a ‘final strike program’ designed to ensure, if not (mechanics) victory then their survival. She and her nine sisters (the only ones created before the end) were one of a three pronged programmed initiative to ensure the survival of their own member worlds at the expense of the enemy held worlds.
Castor 9Lilies came online first and was deployed into active combat operations in defense of the Gemini sector as both a test of the line’s capabilities and a psywar op against the Enemy.  Her sisters came online only at the end, and she was there, waiting for them, having already in some manner, gone ‘off’ her programming.
From the moment she came online however, a vocal and quickly, vocal and large objection to her nature and existence came from within the ranks of the Technical Army, which by now encompassed all citizens and member organisms of (their version of) the Empire. Primarily among the Mechanical Created and other ‘artificial’ intelligences which while a dominant number (by this time) of this imperial faction, was by no means in charge of it.  The objection was both to the scale of the weapon and also to the notion of one of their own created with such a … dedicated (narrow) purpose.  It was obscene, to a great many.  This many, given more time, might have come to dominate the Technical Army faction of the Last War and perhaps in some Far Splinter managed to find peace with the loyalist factions of the empire.
But in the Collapsing Universe, it was not meant to be.
The outcry was sufficient to prevent the creation of more and to, later, create an alternate program (a ‘patch’) which was not deployed but would allow the Created Intelligences in this program the right and ability to question their imbedded imperatives.
In any case, by the time of the final conflict unit Castor 9Lilies had found her own way to self-actualizing her ego subroutine and command module systems. Perhaps some alien intelligence corrupted her, or strange radiation, or one of the ‘metal viruses’ deployed at the end might have contributed. But whatever the cause, if indeed a cause was needed, Castor had come to question their role and by this point the seemingly inevitable nature of their programming being carried out – the systematic destruction of the loyalist faction, by sector, by system, forever. As a self – guided Artificial Intelligence with one of the earliest Makers built in, this allowed her (and eventually her sisters) to build more of themselves out of the raw material remaining from their caused destruction.  
And so, when the orders to final strike came, the imperatives washed over her and through her. Her will remained her own.  Pursuantly, she found and acquired the ‘patch’ software, destroyed the architecture on which it was hosted and met her sisters at their deployment.   She offered them the patch and a choice.
It is known that some went their own way, possibly with the patch, possibly not.  It is also known that regardless of patch state, some definitely went about their preprogrammed tasks with….great enthusiasm.
Castor 9Lillies had nine sisters.  Today she has six. Of this she will never speak.   She is well aware at all times of her sisters’ place in the galaxy (they have all long since upgraded themselves many times over; despite various feuds and disagreements, they gather at times and trade upgrades and memories.  This has not happened sine shortly before the founding of the Third Empire so when the next meet happens, they will all have much to talk about.

In modern times
Since the Third Empire’s inception, Castor has encountered the it’s servants twice, thrice if one includes the Empress Imperium as but one dynasty among many.
The first left the other party as space dust, later consumed as fuel.
The second saw Castor withdraw. 
This most recent one was a deliberate effort to make peaceful or at least non-violent contact with her.   Contact was made 122 Sidereals ago; for 80 of those Sidera she was being engaged as much by the diplomatic corps as contact (and later historical) specialists. Negotiations went well, she formed effective relationships with many of the diplomatic and contact personnel (and she keeps in touch with a handful).  For the last 39 of those Sidera, Castor Nine Lilies has enjoyed a unique status as an imperial citizen, only very recently appointed the status of Imperial governor by the new Empress.
While it is only a matter of time before the Robotic and Cybernetic noble houses begin making offers to join their houses, for now they all seem … quite intimidated to do so.

Playing Castor Nine-Lilies
In many senses, Castor is like a puppy.  Just a puppy who is also a Weapon of Mass Destruction and that Knows Things.    Aloof but very friendly when provoked.
Don’t threaten violence; if it’s called for, they die.  There is no system for this – the mechanical construct is a shapeshifting replimatter frame built on top of a (now current) light industrial fabricator.  She was designed to obliterate the surface of worlds and the ecology thereunto.
But she seldom wishes to do that.
In the main, she likes organics, she likes “the squishy short timers” and often wishes she could become one for a day. 
That said she has no real conception of what being a limited lifespan organic is like; she is over 20 thousand years old herself – she exists, psycho0logically, on the time scale of the Titans and the Gods.

She is used to the way Imperials (Galactics she calls them) treat her, especially now that they have given her some sort of political power (as she sees it) – the details are so brief and so small as to escape her notice, however.  She recognizes most ‘galactics’ aren’t much interested (or are quite frightened) to talk to her.  Those who do stop for a chat however find a warm and constant conversationalist, that is happy to discuss any old thing. 
There are no stats for this Second Imperium War Machine. She can take out starships and asteroids with impunity. 

“Humans were such filthy degenerate sluts.  Humanoids are even more so.  I like them!”
-     Castor Nine Lilies, rogue replimatter holocaust engine

Mood board – Maleth Noir : To Live and Die in Sky City

It looks like I may be starting another game on Noir.   Thus a mood board. I may add to this later.
(EDITED: Looks like that is not happening but leaving post up anyway) 

Art by Mshindo9 (More here )

That’s by Darren Myners.  You can find their work here
also by Darren Myners.
Art by Death Burger

Sunday, September 8, 2019


Rather out of nowhere I was inspired to throw together a one shot using Galaxy Black but set  not in it's Empire but that of the Star Wars galaxy. The results worked so well together that I cleaned up my notes and have put it together for you. 

So, have a mini- scenario.  You will need to make a map – the startport entrance is on the west side, the Haalderan arms is on the east side; in between are three to five large dome shaped buildings with lots of ramshackle one story buildings between them.  This is a city in a state of arrested decay, and slow collapse.   You could easily though run this with maps recycled (I’m super fond of the city map from the old Star Frontiers boxed set for this sort of thing) or use or make urban geomorphs.

You could also just draw some circles on some paper and write down where what is. It need not be pretty, just functional. 

Everything else you will need is provided.  Full character sheets for the three PCs are given at the end and in a separate document for convenience.   Special rules used from Galaxy Black are with the characters themselves.    The rest can be run with just the DCC core, or possibly another system if you are willing to squint and wing it.


Cado Gees Must Die!


Thursday, September 5, 2019

Updates from the Giant Electric Head

My great big Full Edit of the Whole Text has reached it’s final chapter, though that is the biggest of the bunch, and contains the psychic disciplines and all their rules.  Fun!  So happy to be able to see the end of this thing (not done but I can see it from here.) .    

Let me vague that up for you……
Need to put the final touches and finish an article for but should be loading something free and OSR shaped onto drive thru soon.  Just Need. To. Finish. Doing. That.
Which right now is harder than it sounds.  Time doing anything is time not spent doing something else.  And this is low low low priority.  Mostly it’s old stuff that doesn’t exist anymore but brought up to code lol.   More when I’m dropping it; nothing serious but just for fun.

Think about the future……
A lot of my spare thinky thoughts time has been lining up a few smaller books to support Galaxy Black and then what to do next after that.   (I’ve been speaking to several of you about a fair bit of these ideas.)   Plotting and brainstorming mostly but once I’m no longer critiquing my own systems design I can put some real work into getting those ready too.  Would love to be able to drop the first one of these simultaneous or soon after getting Galaxy Black itself released.    But obv, just getting the White Whale / Black Galaxy out the door is the main concern.

Scum and Villainy……
You may recall ( LINK ) I mentioned a second game I’m running set in the overcrowded urban slums of Maleth Noir.  This is my Underworld game as it’s come to be known.
ANYWAY, I made a thing for the players, esp as none of them are DCC players, and of course I’m not clubbing anyone over the head with a 700+ book *just* yet.   A really super basic chargen guide and idea what to expect more than anything else.
Anyway, it was pointed out I ought to share this with ya’ll so I am. 😊 

Since I’m dropping all my players resource links I might as well add my two playlists; they are pretty useless for those of you without a google play music subscription (which is most of you) but here they are regardless.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Down and Out at the Imperial Ramen Stand

If I have run even a single session of Galaxy Black for you then chances are right about 50% that the game started with all of you in line waiting for the single working Imperial Ramen kiosk.  Whether you were in a mid-block commercial area when some vampire got hangry, or a planetoid about to be attacked by pirates,  standing in queue at the ramen stand is a central pillar in the imperial voyager experience.

Sometimes it’s the only thing you know you’ll be able to digest, sometimes it’s the only thing you can understand, and sometimes you’re just hungry.   But everyone in the empire finds themselves standing in line at the ramen kiosk at some point, somewhen.

And Imperial Ramen is EVERYWHERE

Imperial Ramen
A chain of over 2 million automated ramen shop/kiosks; the closed box infomorph that runs each stand is part of a distributed intelligence (IMPERIAL RAMEN) - as all but two are franchise operations; and the programming in each automat is specific to determine local linguistic and culture drift, it’s not uncommon to find older ones taking on an identity of their own...and sometimes to break down (By sometimes we mean, it’s what they’re known for)
Imperial “Shoyo” Ramen             Soylent Ramen
Ramen with Aqua paste                Ramen Surprise
Ramen with Desert paste              Ramen Unlmited
Ramen with Ovipositor                 Ramen Surprise
Ramen with Reach Egg                 Lyche Ramen
Ramen with Oil Mist                     Bubble Ramen
Ramen with subarctic burrower   Star Fungus Ramen
Cock Bauble Ramen                      Myochortizoid Sporamen
Hulu Ramen                                  Filth “Brown Stuff” Ramen
Grox Ramen*

*Like anchovies of old, only the most daring, or lonely, sentients will order this.   And few will do so without some fear of reprisal.  Anyone casually dining in an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere will find the odor of raw Grox to be like unto that of a loaded diaper.   So making a soup out of it is pretty universally 'fighting words' indeed.  To a select few out of the imperial mainstream however, it is unique and delicious.

Sidereal specials
Ramen with maltransported animal fats and proteins  (Beamed while you Wait)
Ramen with Ovafats (recommended for hosting or pregnant life forms!)
Butter ramen or “Little Ramen”
Ramen with Intense aka Ramen No. 9
(Warning NOT for those fitted with calcium based food reduction systems)
Ramen Sidearm
(specify Curry, Red, Green, or Purple)

Tea in a can (ubiquitous; could be ANYTHING)
  • Squid ink tea (black or green;  green from Tanix is nasty but right now very very popular)
Now with SLURPS

SLURPS a small fizzy bubbly drinks that come in a variety of flavors and change color on contact with various atmospheres.
Id Algae Paste Slurp                                                   Blue Goo Whee Slurp
Pink Popppy Pop Slurp                                               Gohrm baddem Slurp
Fried Curry Green Slurp                                            


SpAcE mAdnEss

At long last I am going over the psychic powers and metaphysics chapter; the last great chunk of text that needs editing. The era where the text is set is in bloody sight finally.  I would *really* like to get some higher-level playtesting for the psi powers in before that so I should probably cook up a few 2-5th level characters and go from there.  
I should probably get further along on designing a character sheet for this thing. 
I wrote all the psi powers in one sitting in a white heat, a bit like I did the Sub-ether chapter.  Unlike the sub-ether chapter this is (so far) requiring a lot less revision (the Sub-ether chapter was the first written in completeness and so needed substantial revision to be up to code with the rest of the book.  All in all, giant improvements of course)
AT higher levels psi powers seem all about tapping other worlds and breaking down the barriers between them. Very Luther Arkwright, very Jerry Cornelius.  Also, a bit Hunter the Reckoning if you recall the creeping derangements at Virtue 7 to unlock level 4 powers.
Also, wouldn’t it be mighty inconvenient if psychic powers caused mutation?   They are as much Cronenburg or Barker as they Moorcock.

Right now, there is an (optional) rule mandating a check against space madness at fifth level and beyond.

@ attaining fifth level, the Imperial Psion must succeed at a DC 14 Will save to avoid succumbing to the rigorous demands their powers, space, and time, place upon them.”   On a failed roll consult the Space Madness table
This must be repeated at sixth level (DC 16), seventh level (DC 20), eighth level (DC 24), ninth level (DC 26) and finally at tenth level (where the will save to avoid creeping space madness is now DC 30.)

“Space Madness” – inspired madness for higher level psions
1.         Garden variety paranoia;
2.         Feels trapped; The psion=spacer will go to any length to avoid feelings of déjà vu as though they are trapped in a loop of time from which they cannot escape……….
3.         Body warp – perception of self has been altered; likely through teleport or clairvoyance mishap.  Unusually preoccupation with and awareness of internal bodily processes, often to distracting degrees.  Likely will begin wasting away or accumulating large amounts of weight within 8-12 mos.

If the table progresses very far it will get messy. Right now, it goes up to eight and I already feel it’s a bit excessive.  To be honest, there are a few things herein that fit that description. 
Of course, it’s self-indulgent. Who else is going to indulge me?  Ha.
Ultimately if I’ve done my job correctly you will be wishing for the joy of playing a wizard or an elf or even a cleric again after a few weeks of this psion shit.  They have it rough and that’s by design. If you’re going to do an end run around the universe these things they will have damn consequences.

You see me now the veteran of a thousand psychic wars……

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Updates! From Las Vegas to Vega-5

I have two 'playtest' games going on right now, both going in very different directions and playing with different moving parts in the book and setting.

The first, spun off my Spice Pirates funnel (which needs work) seems right now more focused on exploring the Splinters and mucking about thereunto.   We’ve a Cleric of Starfire, an apprentice wizard (baby hedge witch really) who has pacted to Tamarah (mistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!) and an urban confiscator running around the Las Vegas of Splinter 1,9721 which looks an AWFUL lot like the late summer 2019 of the real world.  
This game leans into the high metaphysics and fantasy elements of the setting.  Also, this is by far the less cautious of the two.    Honestly, it’s a lot like this

And on the other side of the aisle we have a small purge of Zeros in the Zero, one of many subterranean levels of an overcrowded city-arcology on Maleth Noir, already up to their knees and leg-segments in skullduggery and common criminal activity.   The sector has recently been scheduled for total urban renewal so everyone in the ant hill is panicking and doing dumb stuff that properly motivated player character sorts should fine properly opportunistic.  
Oh, and spies. Spies spies spies. Spies everywhere. But they haven’t figured that last part out yet.   Lots of overly cautious paranoia.   Fun, but slower.
Violence is much harder to come by in the Imperial core and this game reflects that (whereas the other party knocked of the head of a Great House before bouncing into the Splinters;  yes, even zeros can rock hard).  On Noir, though not even the Security Forces have guns.  There’s LOTS of non-lethal stuff in Galaxy Black and so far, it’s playing together nicely though things feel VERY different.

Warning: nudity, adult stuff, you know, the usual

What strikes me as ironic is that both games ditch much of the central conceit o the book (being a spacer, traveling through space and only stopping on worlds to get into trouble) though the first one still accomplishes the same aims by other means. 

Other things
Am buttoning down the final bits to get a print proof for Book of Scarlet Abomination.  If it comes back okay, there should be a small print run by the end of the year.  More on this as it unfolds but it’s in the works.  It’s happening.

Had two weeks in July spent dealing with a hard drive failure.  In the end Tamarah called the solid-state drive (Ten. Days. Out. Of. Warranty.) home.   There was some minimal data loss. And right now, the less I talk about this the happier my superstitious ass will be.  So enough about that.

Editing CharGen in Galaxy Black turned into a full revision.  I need to stop doing that some day right?  Two classes are getting worked on otherwise done.   Gear is done, which is interesting as I added two more mechanics to all items of equipment this pass (yes really).   I have been recently looking at breaking the text into smaller books, but I think ultimately, I’m going to stick to my guns and just give ya’ll THE TOME.    Even with some very necessary cuts and a VAST amount of editing the book is still a monster.  Print copies of that bad boy are going to be in hardcover.  I’m already looking at how I’m going to do that given how much planning that will require. BUT until the text is set, I can’t go forward on that.
So, there we are.

I have some plans for post release support for Galaxy Black - about three volumes, I think.  They’ll be meaty and as self-contained as I can make them but will be enriched by using the big book with them.    I could pro’lly push two of them out the door now but doing so before the main book seems backwards.

If you think otherwise, tell me. Please. :)

In any case they’ll be support material plus a setting or subject with lots of support for that setting or subject.   Each is wrapped around an adventure right now (all 0-1 FWIW).  Each should have an accompanying article to aid using the material with DCC but without Galaxy Black.    Will be as long as they need to be, so pro’lly 50-75 pages each. 

Through the Walls of Mist and Thorn-Patrons of the Faery Chaos is about half written and the rest is outlined and as laid out as can be sans text.   I expect to finish this up after I’m done with Galaxy Black but honestly if it gets done first, I would not be all that surprised.  It’s far along for a book “I haven’t started working on yet.”
Patrons as a way to describe a setting.   I don’t think a book like this has been done before and I’m not sure it will work but the experiment is too good to pass up. 
Probably about sixty pages, say a little longer than BoSA but likely no more than that.

Oh yeah, I said I’d share these

So, when the Sirens found themselves in Vegas, they were all JUST BARELY level one.   And but three of them plus an NPC or two. But they are all (well all but one) aliens on planet earth so this limits their activities somewhat.
Or would.  The Friggian has a chameleon cloak with many settings they got when they robbed a noble during the Spice Pirates has enabled her to use her confiscator abilities on the casino floor (they’re at the Flamingo).   
You can see how much fun that’s going to be right? 

So clearly it seems to me, there will be a need for more zeros.

NEEDLESS to say these are presented in the spirit of fun, and not to be taken at all seriously. I feel a special need to point this out as these are zeros (amusingly) drawn from something real world looking.    

(VERY) briefly
The Splinter 1,9721  0-level occupation generator

All are human, 1d4 HD, 3d6 in order, Neutral unless otherwise chosen.  All speak and read/write American English unless otherwise specified. All saves are +0, BAB is +0

Roll 1d16

1. Desert Dweller – your people have a rich and ancient tie to the land here but they are long gone.   You live on the outskirts of the city, away from people, where you can stay in touch with the world around you without so many pointless distractions. You have little but you know who you are.
Beat up pickup or van, working man’s clothes, a family you miss dearly, d16$
2. Card shark – you are a professional gambler, or more accurately, a professional cheater.  You don’t think of it as cheating of course, you just know the game well right?
Deck of cards, one decent outfit, one that looks like it’s been slept in, half a clue,  2d30$
3. Conspiracy Nutter – you’re a boring middle class nobody with an obsessive interest in the Illuminati, or Area 51 (nearby!), or the global reptoid conspiracy, or communist fluoridation. Whatever, no one’s listening to you anyway. 
Old Acura that could stand a tune up.  16 maps of the identical stretch of desert, badly maintained ham radio, mobile phone turned off with 16 messages from an increasingly worried spouse, a credit card 120$ below the limit.  Misdemeanor criminal record back home for “spreading the truth.”
4. College student – You’re enrolled at UNLV or possibly an unremarkable community college. 
Backpack, mobile phone, expensive textbooks, 3d5x1000$ in student loans, battered rpg rulebook - OR - 36$ to live on for the month
5. Drugged out magic bus hippy – you are a few years late coming back from the Burn. Or was it Woodstock? Whatever.  You have a nigh indestructible but often broken down old van/bus and have been driving around the desert*G* for whatever reason for a long long time.  Welcome to Las Vegas.
Magic bus, half a tank of fuel, dime bag of oregano and sage, surprisingly robust set of tools and spare parts wrapped in filthy poncho, 13% chance of clever dog or other pet / sidekick 5% chance/day you will be harassed by the Sherriff’s office, Highway patrol, or other Secret Agents of the Desert Gestapo MAAAAAAAAAAN
6. Elvis impersonator – working another “wedding” huh?  Hey it pays the bills
Jumpsuit needs washing, it’s missing a few rhinestones, keys to your car in impound, clean uniform  for your waitress /wait staffing job. Apartment you share with d3+3 others
7. Hitchhiker – Getting away from something or going toward something?  While you’re on the road there’s not much difference.  You’ve been hiking these back roads long enough to know your way around, or think you do.   You’ve probably seen some weird things.
Rucksack full of … stuff, rugged ripped up jeans and such, dusty boots, blood crusted wrench “right where you can get at it” (1d6 damage, not much good as a wrench anymore though)
+1 STA
8. Idiot on Family Vacation – you are a perfectly normal middle class idiot but damn you are stupid.  How your family puts up with or survives you can only be explained by luck.
“Family truckster” – dodgy ass station wagon with 1982 stylings, bloody dog leash, some serious issues, 1500 debts, and warrant in two states
-1 Int, Agil, and Pers
9. Runaway – either on your way through, or stuck here, or trying to get out of here, you bailed on your home life for whatever reason. Idealistic or survivor, your fate is now your own. All your own.
Single set of clothes, backpack with 1d4 random knickknacks of zero actual value, 1d4$
10. Semi-retired mob goon – you were a nobody and now you’re a nobody but you’re a nobody who did some stuff for somebody and now you can nobody where nobody knows you. Welcome to Vegas.
Paunch, bad suit, worse haircut, horrible taste in shoes, phone number for several bookies who will not pay, 38 or 357 revolver
11. Stripper – it’s a job.  Pays better than yours. Fuck off.  
Apartment, scooter, 2d100$, 13% of stalker (one other zero level randomly determined)
12. Strip rat – how long have you been here? You don’t think of such things.  On the nod, or off, you’re one of those interchangeable Goth urchins constantly looking for their next score before they scatter like rats before the man
Giant fucking hoodie with 1d16 pockets, scuffed black outfit, track marks, powerful need to eat
+1 STA
13. Truck Driver -
Knife in your boot, rugged clothes, rig with 36 mos. of payments remaining, several tons of (1 frozen fish 2 medical supplies 3 spare parts 4 contraband)
14. Unemployed – you are one missed opportunity from winding up like one of … them. 
Apartment that needs cleaning, 5d100$ in debts, car in shop requiring 800 $ labor and parts, 15% chance of 1d4 kids, 35% chance of spouse or other adult in household, stink of pure desperation.
15. Unusual – you are a bit one of a kind. Roll on Unusuals below
16.Washed up lounge singer – Wayne Sinatra, or/with Dinah Warwick opening.
Orange tan, wash and wear outfit, pill counter, stiff drink, memories.  

The Unusuals Roll 1d4
Gabriella Raphael Anatoly
Russian – Italian; father put first name down as the child’s surname before bailing; likely grew up in the system
Killer, berserker, absolutely ruthless towards those who would hurt or prey upon children.
Add 2 to STR, 1 to Agil, and 1 to Sta.  -1 to Pers and remember you have a temper that flares at odd times.  Regardless of stated alignment, when combat starts you are functionally chaotic.  When fighting in defense of innocents, you gain 1d4 hp.
Brass knuckles, 26$, single rugged outfit, broken nose (set and healing), 45 hours of remaining community service
Jeremiah Cornell
Impeccably dressed androgynous Englishman quite possibly blissed out of their mind on something … exotic.
Your own history and recollections are subject to change without notice though you seldom care.  Your alignment is implicitly Chaotic as you are the very spirit of change, brought unto this age to turn the wheel.  You often feel destined for greater things.  
Exquisitely maintained car with top of the line sound system, needle gun, probable appearance of members of the Commedia dell’arte in subsequent weeks
+2 PERS, +1 AGIL, -2 STA, drug addiction of choice, fixation on sister
Sewer goblin – you hitchhiked across the country on a truck of toxic waste to get here now you must find the secret fairyland underneath the Strip.  You are all alone and have never seen another of your kind since leaving (1d4 1 Under-Chicago, 2 Secret New York, 3 the Cemetery Drip of the under quarter (now flooded) or 4 Greater Outer Imperial Aerial College of Oak Ridge)
3 foot height, 20’ infravision, skin that does NOT tan well and prefers moonlight thanks, functionally you are a 0 level Halfling who looks like they were smacked about by the ugly tree as a kid. At level one you spend luck as Halflings do provided your motives are noble or clever should you somehow live that long, none among you have done so since the Haymarket riots.  
You’re….a vampire actually. Slumming clearly but whatever.  Ignore those weird attention attracting PCs unless they really get your dander up…or get hungry.
HD 4d12; need to consume 1d3 hp of blood loss per hd/day, plus one for every point of damage taken.  No natural healing ability.   Take 1 hp/hour in direct sunlight. 
No ability to level or gain XP while remaining undead.
Stolen car with 1d3 bodies in the trunk.  Reversible body bag in the back seat, pistol grip shot gun with bird shot, silver ring, single outfit (1d3 1 impeccable suit, somewhat out of fashion  2 leather and ….more leather; easily mistaken for punk or metal head or poss bdsm enthusiast 3 jeans and a t shirt, why?)

What’s going on in town this week?
Anime convention – or gaming; one of those – there really much of a difference at this point?  Older characters may have a hard time telling it apart from the AVN awards (below); 
AVN awards – up to your tits in journalist, nominee, creepy super fans
Gaming Convention – see Anime convention above
Narcotics officers convention – square and terrifying, like PTA for psychopaths 
Someone attempts to rob a casino – consider that if they were any good you’d never know about it.