image from Frobidden Planet

image from Frobidden Planet
Graves of Altair IV

Friday, September 25, 2020

Venture seed: PUZZLEWORLD


Overheard in a well-connected High port bar

Imperial naval elements have been dispatched at the behest of contact teams now deep in the Far Sagittarius Arm at the discovery of an immense, nay, world-sized contragravity artefact. 

They are already calling it Puzzleworld.

Like some immense Escherian construct, ‘Puzzleworld’ hangs in the heavens, looking as though a world once intact were split into hundreds (maybe thousands) of discreet but intact semi-geometric fragments, and set apart – floating in suspension, separate but together.  Making it not only possible but….perhaps in places easy….to move through the planet along immense but intricate pathways wrought with gravitational distortions.  Literally making the planet itself a maze to navigate through if such is desired.

And who wouldn’t be curious about that? I hear they are looking for unsigned navigators to help chart the thing.   Surely the black pyramid will send along some ISA Swolehead soon as the currents sing.



A comms circuit, seventeen levels underneath the Black Pyramid, on Teranaya.

“Open new file.  Copy the disbursements approval board.   Approval board message begins.

Candidacy believed excellent.  Imperial Naval Artifact R1187 C987/76D


Candidate believed highly likely for classification as ISA Artifact/Known Precursors/Artifact Index/Wonder/possible site 7

“As department head of the deep archeo-history research and securities division and team lead of the Artefact Recovery Process (Internal) I ascertain the utmost likelihood of tremendous benefit and need for immediate haste to secure transit and research rights to Imperial Naval Artifact R1187 C987/76DR199a/SagDeepSurvey7 which is located deep in the unexplored Beyonds of the Sagittarius arm.  This is an area thousands of Lights beyond the Imperial frontier, and we know nothing of area beyond an index of local stellar phenomena and a strandful of quasi historical index suggestions.

Simply put my friends, rivals, colleagues, and bitter enemies of the Parasciences Institute, I put to you that this world is one of the Pretanaja “art installations” I have written so extensively of.  Naval intelligence suggests that the world is not presently inhabited and has not likely been for some time.  We MUST get on top of this. Securing such a site for Imperial Inquiry should be one of our top priorities for the coming Sidereal.

I still seek funding for a secure contact team to study another suspected such world, Wonder/Possible site 5, however I understand that as that is in the Neutral Zone with the Federation getting approval may literally take centuries.   

Regardless of the outcome, pending, to my request, I hereby tender a formal leave of absence as I am about to hire a starship with funds from the discretionary pile once I can find one crazy enough to take me that far beyond imperial space.  You can message me when you make approvals on the usual frequencies. 

Knej E. Kinshataywann, doctor

(Abjured) department head on leave


>>>>>>Replies available???

>>>>>>Priority one incoming/Director Maietbuyo begins

Alright you have approval, I’ll run it across the board in the morning.  Travel papers ae being arranged, also a sufficient dip into the discretionary fund to hire 2-16 contractors.  Please don’t go to this weird alien thing all alone?  The navy is already sending a team so you may not be alone out there.  Also, please leave a full metric persona backup with us before you lift, we can’t afford to rebuild your department because you got your skull crushed by a two ton weight.

Be Careful while sciencing Doctor.  
Hail the Empress.
Director K.E.C. Maietbuyo,
Parascientific studies and disbursements panel
Imperial Science Academy, Teranaya "






Friday, September 4, 2020

Voyage of the ICSS Serendipity (Expansion material for Orphans of the Black)


Voyage of the ICSS Serendipity


“At these velocities, time, and distance, space, and light - even such commonalities as sight, and meaning, all become highly relative phenomena.”


This article augments the (otherwise greatly abbreviated) voyage of the ICSS Serendipity into the Interrupts. (Sub-ether 2 p 75), doing so in the form of a day by day accounting of the voyage (done as an event log with *short* sub tables and statblocks accordingly).  If you have access to the Sub-ether rules in Galaxy Black you are encouraged to embellish or ramp up what’s here or substitute your own choice of encounters. It’s your game.  


Ship voyage time - Day one – Ship’s clock set to zero hour, Serendipity dives into the shallow first layer of the Sub-ether.  Wherever the party is located, the remaining visible hull damage all speak as though the holes are mouths, moaning once greatly in unison first in horror and then ecstasy as the ship descends into Sub-ether from material space.

For the next progression (seven days) the PCs are all somewhat laid up with jump sickness;  meanwhile the walls seem to bleed or crawl with devouring insects.  Soft calming music plays in your compartment. It doesn’t help.


Day twoBehavioral Meme Breakout - an epidemic of “being a single person standing in place and then shouting, carrying on a sustained scream until stopped or passing out” hits the crew passing inscrutably from one to another, sequentially but randomly until it has passed through every single person aboard.  Should take most of the journey…..


Day three Throughout the vessel, all of the corridors seemingly have gained an additional 500 feet while traversed.  Everyone on board is very patient with you but they don’t seem at all alarmed.     “Ya okay. mmmm Space is weird,. man.”


Day four a small group of spectral entities get through the tatty ghost screens and lay waste to the outer upper deck, slaying several members of command.  They are repulsed.  The party hears of it later.


Day five as all are sharing a communal meal in the Gods’ hall, one of the ship’s engineers literally just fades from existence. Any technically inclined characters may be recruited to become Engineer’s Assistant 4th Class - (apprentice)


Day six – most of the crew are hypnogogicly aslumbered as the vessel drops into a lower sub-ether depth.  Everyone has intense fever dream visions of a charging army, an actual wall of screaming maenads charging at them with sword, axe, and dagger.  A day of stupid jump scares puts everyone on edge

Meanwhile the gravity drive has trapped 1-6 photonic birds in it’s drive tubes until the vessel rises back to the first sub-ether on day Nine (see below).


Day seven A few younger members of the crew known to the PCs inscrutably age 40 years, leaving one of them infirm and pro’lly close to death.  These effects are persistent.


Day eight meme warp. Everyone make a Will save (DC 13) or have one of the following irretrievably spinning around in the back of their head …. Forever.

“… the desert, or the sea, that only voices out of the air can reach them”

“……..mana – mana…..doo DOOOO dee DOOO DOO mananana doo doo DOO DOO”

“ARRmor hot dogs….”


The ancients of the radio shell surely spoke in quite strange riddles.


Day Nine  The ship makes what appears to be unexpectedly good time/arc and rises back into the first sub-ether several days early.  In the drive compartment, the photonic birds trapped days before briefly have a window of escape. Somewhere else aboard vessel these critters “materialize”

Photonic Birds (1-6)  Init +0; Atk   fists +1 “bite” melee (1d6 light absorbsion); AC 16; HD 2d8; hp; MV 230’; Act 1d20; SP dark matter creature, creature of the vacuum photovore; SV Fort+0, Ref +0, Will +3; AL N.

Dark Matterthe creature is wholly composed of non-baryonic ‘dark’ matter which ignores matter and energy completely but affects and is affected by gravity.  Lower forms of such life are common along the galactic rim and the void beyond as well as in specific concentrations that seem to follow ancient galactic ‘leys’ splayed outward from the core as a spiral.   Such creatures are commonly destroyed by the use of Gravity Drives,   It is thought by some that the empire’s artificial gravity technology attracts such beings. 

Photovores - the being’s spiritual, psychic, or metabolic needs require them to feed upon light and its constituent make up, literally consuming available light sources. Such Light eaters gorge when fed and thus create darkness in a 5” radius / HD each round that the creature gives itself over wholly to consuming available light. 

When confronted with a hologram, the Photovores will be able to inflict 3d6 ‘permanent’ hit point damage per bite attack

Creature of the Vacuum – the life form is native, descended from native, or was long ago engineered to survive natively in a near or total vacuum and is adapted to such an environment.

Creature begins with 1d3 innate resistance of the effects of cold, heat, and exposure; each time such damage is inflicted, the creature takes 1d3 less damage than would have been the case.   The Judge can stack this many times on the same life form to create much hardier vec life creatures.  Each time this is taken, the resistance stages up once on the dice chain.   Further all such creatures save v. dazzling, bright light, and radiation at +4 but this saving throw is not augmented by stacking this ability. 

Such a life form requires no vacuum suit to work in space though may still require an environment suit when going planet side or into a strange atmosphere (which for most such creatures will be all of them) - at the Judge’s option any single atmosphere can be considered non-hostile and so the creature will not need additional protection; commonly Garden oxygen-nitro atmosphere but not necessarily)

Day Ten   necrotic warp discharge – the ship is momentarily washed in a wave of negative energy that sucks the colour out of all within it for but a moment.  IN the aftermath the character with the lowest luck score has …changed.  Roll once on Physical Appearance of Un-dead (DCC core p 381) and apply the results immediately.


Day Eleven - Day of the Reader In the Sub-ether the ship is surrounded by strange misshapen lights, orbiting ominously in a perfect ring.   The Green maiden manifest many places on the ship at once, seeking you out -  “You” being

a) anyone who has espoused interest in playing a psion, psychic, telepath, or other such 

b)  anyone the Judge choses at random

c)  the character with the single highest combination of PERS + INT

Those selected are offered a glowing seemingly golden apple, nut, acorn, or berry, as appropriate to the character and life form.   Those who consume it will experience an incredible psychedelic vision resetting that realigns their cozmik Yuka.

On waking they have developed Empathy at 1d16.  Those already so gifted will find the action die for it now boosted to a d20k, and they have gained a psychic proclivity. 

Meanwhile the lights outside dissipate and fade.


Reader Proclivity/Truthseeker Psion - secrets are impossible around you, they seem to be drawn to your mental ability of their own accord. Whatever is repressed calls to you, whatever is hidden whispers

+2 to discern or detect hidden strategies, kept secrets, things they aren’t supposed to talk about, and the like during any psychic activity. 


Day Twelve  11-30 breveavement hallucinations (see below) are loosed on the ship.

Active Perceptual Breveavement Hallucinations – one of the commoner consequences of Sub-etheric travel, these are NOT the spirits of the dead, but are instead noosphere memes of ‘seeing dead loved ones’ (already commonly spawned while traveling through the Sub-ether) which have gathered enough spiritual residue to take on a quasi-real existence when infused with the attention span of a living creature.

No stat blocks are given – they are but a nuisance albeit a frightening one.  They are not genuinely dead creatures nor un-dead but a phenomenon only common because of the effect an active gravity drive has on the Sub-etheric medium and the ectoplam around it.  They have neither self nor sentience. Whatever they say to you is pulled literally from your own mind.   Experienced spacers know that if they are persistent, to not engage with them. Literally “ignore them and they will go away.”


Day Thirteen  Healed scars move position on the body of the PCs. If they have a scar on their left upper arm, as of today it is on their right upper arm, or distributed somewhere randomly.

Beginning on this day, check for arrival; Roll 1d6. Arrival and emergence from Sub-etheric depth occurs on results of  6+

On arrival see Day Seventeen below.


Day Fourteen  The character with the lowest luck is stalked by their reflection today, which acts independently and makes rude gestures at you when you are not looking but when others can see.

Check for arrival again. On arrival see Day Seventeen below.


Day Fifteen the party member with the highest PERS experiences an active hallucination of their own death on the moon to which they are journeying.   Someone you trust has shot you in the back and leaves you, in your leaking suit out on the vacc surface to die slowly and alone.

Check for Arrival at +2 On arrival see Day Seventeen below.


Day Sixteen  the ship’s master of patterns comes to one of the party members – apparently they would like to scan in an item of the party’s beginning equipment into the ship’s Makers.   If the party member acquiesces then a duplicate of that precise object will become standard equipment abord the ship within the next four progressions.   Aboard ship this carries with it social status and makes you look good. +1 XP to the donor

Check for Arrival at +4 On arrival see Day Seventeen below.


Day Seventeen – Arrival – if it hasn’t already the Serendipity rises out of its Sub-etheric trajectory, rapidly breaking up into the first Sub-ether and then into normal space, perhaps 100 light minutes outside of the Ilthea system.   Anyone who has not ‘spent xp’ over the course of the voyage (functionally anyone not first level) must made a DC 14 Fortitude save or find that within 1d4 hours of their return to normal space (roll 1d4)

  1. They have aged one additional year physically
  2. Their hair or other similar structure has turned white.
  3. They have developed tiny purple-black thread shaped scars around their eyes.
  4. Their hair, or nails begin to fall out or they begin to shed/molt, though without unusual biological effect. 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Beyond Mere Space Mercenaries - Other Game Ideas and Concepts for Sub-ether and Galaxy Black

So sub-ether 2 probably represents the best (so far) the sort of default assumed game play inherent in Galaxy black[1], namely “zero levels leave their crappy home habitats and get in a starship and wander around, all along (and considerably beyond) the imperial border.  Where imperial means “any expanding colonial power.”  Call it the Federation, call it the Alliance, whatever.  If it’s a high tech stellar power with psi powers and colonial expansion, that’s the imperium.  

Or to put it more bluntly – traditional D&D DCC in SPAAAAAAAAACE

Which is wonderful. But Galaxy Black, thundering bulk that it is, allows for all sorts of other weird SF gameplay.  Here’s some examples -


Other Game Ideas and Concepts

 Intergalactic Dinosaur-y  Dinosaurs Mr. Rico, A Whole Galaxy Of Them! 

Thanks to some unexpected Navigator assistance an Imperial Legion has boarded and (somewhat) captured, one of the Aerkeroi[2]; 300+ million year old terraforming factory craft, a vast mobile automated ark that goes to worlds, mass material terraforms them and introduces an artificial ecology before moving on to the next world. An ISA boarding team was able to confirm their “Elder Thing Hypothesis” – linking this to a series of four other known “BDO” class objects known to exist at near to hyperlight velocities moving out of or away from our galaxy.
An intact data sample suggests in fact hat a sixth ark should by now be reaching (X galaxy) and transforming all of 50 million theorized worlds into copies of the Teranayan Mesozoic …
….. and so your ship is being outfitted to travel to this distant galaxy and explore, chart, and colonize those 50 million garden worlds, each of which should have extensive and harvestable higher animal life
Of course, on the far side of that galaxy the Aerkeroi in question is still spitting out worlds. Once there, can they find – and capture – such a prize? A maker on such an awesome scale could be capable of almost anything…..
Ideal for large parties of leveled PCs who should probably be the colony / colonization leaders who should probably have access to most o the gear in Galaxy Black
Plus dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are rad. The mix of pseudolovecraftiana and Cenozoic remixed nonsense should ,make for a fine Galaxy of the Lost type situation.

The Unvisible College

An all Wizard (or Wizards and elves, or Wizards elves, and clerics really, add casters from supplements and variants to taste) game in Galaxy Black would pro’lly look something like the Invisibles, with rival cabals of casters trying to bring about one or more ‘noosphere events’ to rewrite reality … or some other high sounding but ultimately very …. Revelatory (meaning destructive among other things here) goal.
But in broad strokes the Invisibles, say volumes 1-5 of the trade backs)
Or Shade the Changing Man (the Chris Baccalo / Peter Milligan run from the 90s) sadly there is only one collection of this out there that I know and it’s from the weaker early issues.


Judges Raid Thine Bookshelves

Easiest way to prep a low prep GB game? Okay this is the smartassed answer so it’s the true one – grab any three issues of one or more of the following 2000ad, Heavy Metal or Epic Illustrated, almost any old Warren or EC sf or horror comic (though in a pinch any horror, F&SF comic will do), find the three most visually interesting stories, stick this on a planet somewhere in the galaxy and hit Go!   Write up stuff as you go based on what you liked from the material and don’t be afraid to riff.  Your own notion of the idea is better than the original idea for our purposes.  Mix this with whatever else you fancy.   Ditch the parts of the concept you don’t like.  Figure out how it fits together as you go.

Don’t be afraid to let player theories become emergent truths.  Especially when theirs is a better idea than whatever bs you had prepared. You can always come back to it if you need to ditch this angle.


Existing resources you may already have in your gaming library

Star shrine of the Seamother
Shrine of the Kuo-Toa becomes a dandy God level for a passing starship of aqua-galactics; shove the temple complex deep inside a starship, change literally nothing else. Blibdoolpoolip makes a nasty ship’s goddess, and moreover has been written up ..somewhere online. (the only link I had was a g+ link, damn that stings)


Dwellers inside the Forbidden Worldship
For that matter, have the PCs find an old starship adrift, orbiting a hot young star in a system teeming with life. When they board break out Dwellers of the Forbidden City In my experience you can run it pretty much as is with a few obvious exceptions – just placing it inside a hollowed out asteroid, riffing off the old Star Trek episode The World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky, running with the backstory that it was a Quetzal era generation ship that was long ago overthrown by servitor beings on board.
Once Sub-ether 3 drops you can even have the Forbidden Worldship serve as the secret asteroid base of the White Sun but now I’ve said too much….
(and as I’ve said elsewhere you can do this exact thing even better with B4 the Lost City[3]. Just on the off chance any of you might have scored a copy of THAT recently.)

Because you own Sailors on the Sunless Sea (right?) - Stick the chaos temple atop the sunless sea on a body like Europa or Ceres and get a VERY different sunless sea. Space is littered wit the vacuum packed ruins of dead civilizations……

[1] Maybe more accurately it’s what I feel most people will do with it out of the box.


[2] The Arkeroi  - 300 mya elder thing terraforming device/craft/BDO;

Maybe such things are large (VAST) mobile automated arks, that go to worlds, genesis effect them, and then introduce an artificial ecology

Much of it might be Terran derived at least in part.


[3] I find the statblocks in B/X era adventures to be plug and play levels of usable for DCC, just add and remix as you go.  Which does bring to mind that you could also combine these ideas and run the Asteroid of Dread. Have fun with it whatever you do!

Monday, August 31, 2020

The Orphangrinder’s Crew (Sub-ether 2 support article)

 The Orphangrinder’s Crew

The Crew of the Maenad “raiding yacht” Fleshgarden

 While the proper name of Sonja’ s vessel is the “Queen Sonja’s Flesh Garden,”  more than a few maenads of other vessels smirk and call it the Orphangrinder. 

Sonja’s reputation, such as that she has one among the other captains, is of one who is perhaps overly fond of adopting strays.  Sonja has non-Maenads serving on her ship, which is not unheard of on a maenad ship (where each Captain makes the laws ultimately) but she has many of them.   Several others, especially – at present – many of the officers she considers her “command staff” may be Maenads but were all ‘recovered’ (as she likes to say) from settlements and situations not of a maenadic aspect.

Her XO was taken as a child and raised in the imperium as a slave; for many decades he was molded into a brainwashed intelligence asset for a noble of one of the great houses; In the last two decades he has sought freedom, but only in the last ten years has he known Sonja. 


“You can be a knife, or you can be a bloody wound.

I am the knife.”

Free Download - the Orphangrinder's Crew 

Get Sub-ether 2 HERE

 (opens Drivethru link in new window)

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sub-ether Crossroads Sale!


“I went down to the crossroads tried to flag a ride

Down to the crossroads tried to flag a ride

Nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by”


3 different paths to the stars

Bring your DCC RPG characters

Your shell shocked Noir survivors from Sub-ether 1

Your Mutants

Your Manimals

Leave your world

Until August 20 at midnight

To celebrate the release of the second ish of Sub-ether both issues are 33% off at Dreaming Gynoid’s online store.

Drive thru sale on both sub-ether 33% off to celebrate new issue

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Wind and the Stars

The Wind and the Stars
//i:code:ref essay/ideology/truth/speculative/ISA hosting Node 11.1fw
“Gravity and Light: the many generations of space gods and their effects upon-”
(Taken from the introduction)
-         Dr. G.J. Haber, visiting lecturer on experimental alchemy and paratypical psychiatry)

The mariners of old had the wind and the stars to guide them, for those whose desire to expand, to know, to explore, exceeded their technology.   It us ultimately from these people the Imperium hails its foundations and continuations. Without them, we have no civilization.
In the pre-stellar era, a given technological civilization has few opportunities to leave their world and fewer still to do so under their own means.   For those who brave this, most final of void-oceans, only the gravity keys between the worlds of their solar system and the positions of the great celestials themselves, the bright stars, the galactic medium itself, and other, distant but visible galaxies and phenomena. 
It is the wind and the stars all over again. 
While the stars have not changed, for the most part, the wind is now the interlocking forces of gravity within a solar system, at least until gravity is recognized as the enemy.
The common mytho-historical image of the cosmonaut struggling against the universe is not our best guide to these people. No, those first explorers who lack even fusion technology, are more akin to those who sail the currents of island chains in canoes made of local vegetation, fashioned with their bare hands. They who in the span of years will colonize an area over a thousand times more vast. 
To those first, those earliest of star sailors to emerge from the home worlds of our ancestors, there were always the lord of light and mother space, the goddess of gravity. The gender roles are not important but among many clades those are the tendencies. There is of course a third force underlying all of this but only many thousands of generations selection bring that particular need about.  
But it is the holy dance of light and gravity of which I now speak. Sometimes twins, or siblings.  Often lovers, many times enemies.   It is only through a logical understanding of the fundamentals of both and how they intersect that makes those first voyages possible…for the survivors. For these are the Gods of the Lucky Ones, of the hundreds that lived when millions were sent out.  Those who survived, made more, thrived, and then kept going.  Those who forgot the truths of light and gravity stopped expanding, and likely died out but their epic voyages of expansion were over.  
Those who persisted those are the spacers.  Those who gave up, those are the Ketraxians, the Maenads, the Friggians, the Saurids, the Vroids. 
It may help to remember that that selection process goes on today.  All of you are from worlds, member worlds of the imperium yes but now you are in imperial service. You are among those selected to later return to the stars and the process begins anew, if you thrive in imperial service then the imperium thrives, and your descendants will challenge the stars anew, raising up their own gods.
In these later generations perhaps we should find a psychopomp to raise up, to remind us the lessons of entropy.
Light, gravity and entropy, so still like the stars, the wind, and salt.

Monday, February 17, 2020

VIRTUES! Potent champions of order and light for your DCC games

There is a flash of blue and gold shine fading in the green afterglow of translocation and a great and celestial being has appeared before you.   Behold Amethystianhfel the Hammer, Throne of Exterre Ashtereth, Queen of Heaven and Commander in Her Celestial Legions.

A great strange higher planar being, one of the Higher Virtues or Angels.   Their material form seems to combine the features of many birds and other things besides.   The mighty being pulsates with an inner sapphire light, giving her blue skin a purplish hue when she engages in any celestial activity.  (Indeed, She seems transparent to most mortals who are pure of heart.) 
The majority of her body combines the features of a finch, a peacock, and a night preying bird, such a larger species of owl.   She is also quite large and sports a double set of blue and gold wings. In the higher Sub-ether or other planes these wings can spread to a span of 90’ to facilitate rapid trans planar flight.
She is at least somewhat made of light and so understands and can impart wisdom on photonics and other physics esoterica to the right scientist.

She bears a gold rod that is her badge of station as a high servant of Exterre; in some worlds it acts fully as a rod of rulership and can be loaned to (especially deserving) mortals as such in a pinch. In most worlds however, she will not part with it, as to do so would be to call into question her loyalty.  Likely much of her essence is presently bound up within it as befitting a high Servant of Exterre.

In times of active celestial warfare, she can call upon 200 lesser virtues and easily 5d12 least Thrones into an active fighting force within “three days and nights.
Further, as a high Throne in the service of Exterre, she bears three keys, part of the number of Her thrones that serve as binding agents for the ifrit and djinn that have been bound into her service, which presently number into the thousands. ”

In combat against the forces of evil or, especially, the forces of the Unmaker,  Amethystianhfel has been known to appear in the following form.

Amethystianhfel the Hammer (1): Init +10; Atk weapon +14 melee (1d16); AC 28; HD 14d12; hp 98; MV 90; Act 1d26; SP many; SV Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +9; AL Lawful.
Hammering force of the Star Queen’s Herald In an atmosphere, Amethystianhfel has been known to wield a tremendous, but invisible, beam of pure force, used like a sword or mace.  It can strike any opponent in 70 feet  Each strike inflicts 98 points of damage on Chaotic, evil, or any other designated opponents. Anything slain by it is immediately reduced to  puddle of inky green and black smoke which then visibly evaporates with a scream.   Anything of Chaos slain by this use of force will not return.
Hammering snap - On arrival or with a snap of it’s dozen fingers everything aligned with Chaos and Evil must beat a DC 28 Ref save or be thrown prone by a wave of instant concussive force radiating out from the Virtue.  Any servitors of chaos or evil will be deafened for 1d5 rounds thereafter; any objects or materials dedicated to or tainted by chaos or evil will shatter or, if appropriate, smoulder and burn in the aftermath of this effect. This extends to non-magical and low tech mundane apparatus used by the forces of chaos; ex.  the chaos champion is on his ass and deafened yes, but all of his non-magical gear just shattered to powder;  Any undead or spectral entities in the area of effects are returned to the grave or banished into the near Sub-ether, as appropriate, no saving throw.   This extends to a full radius of up to 28 yards from the Virtue.


The 4 Lesser Virtues (there may be 3 other, Greater Virtues:  Hope, Light, and Charity, though a higher rune is required to call upon them)

Those in the service of the forces of Law, including it is assumed all clerics of the Imperial Church in Galaxy Black, are trained in the runes and spirit pathways by which these agents of order may be invoked or called to the mortal plane….and the means by which they may be embodied into material objects to serve in the fight against chaos. (Calling a lesser virtue requires a second or third level spell, much as invoking one of the Great Virtues requires fourth or even fifth level clerical magic.)

Justice virtues may be embodied into books, rods, or any demonstrable implement of justice or civilization.   If you can swear an oath on it, it’s appropriate for embodiment.  Many Justice virtues exist in the service of Leviathan.

Knowledge virtues may be embodied into media of almost any variety, holograms, headware or brain implants.  Knowledge virtues are known for exacting pact conditions to accept embodiment – often the embodiment being a short term or limited duration during such a time as the Virtue will pass on what it knows though it could involve the virtue being bound as a book and left on a lower tech planet where those who could benefit could find it or something similar.

War virtues of course may be embodied into weapons or armor.  
Most war virtues are it is said in the service of Exterre Ashtereth
Weapons and armor so embodied do not chip, wear or break.  They are functionally immune to the rigors of entropy.   Weapons always inflict maximum possible damage. There is no variation (and no possibility for critical hits either).  Envirtued armor have been known to survive their wearer’s destruction. 

Virtues of motion do not like to be embodied, it is contrary to both their nature and their purpose.   They would much rather simply take that which has called them to their destination and back than ever be held in one place like that.  

Virtue of Justice  (1, on higher planes 1 or 3): Init +7; Atk weapon +11 melee (11 + 11d3); AC 26; HD 11d8; hp 77 each; MV 90’; Act 1d24; SP Wheels of Justice, celestial traits; SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +7; AL Lawful.
Wheels of Justice Turning Swiftly – attempted deception in the virtue’s presence requires a DC 17 Will save, failure indicates the speaker is now on fire, taking 1d4 hp/round until they recant their untruth.
Those in the service of Law who have abused their authority in the Virtue’s presence must immediately succeed at a DC 26 Fort save or take 44 points of damage a round until they fall before the Virtue and recant. Many are the wicked who find themselves functionally struck dead by the arrival of such a being.
The virtue knows what you have done, whatever you have done, immediately on entering their presence. Act accordingly.
At its discretion, the Virtue may bring those who died from grave misjustice back to life.  It has been known to abduct war criminals and mass murderers when summoned into such a being’s presence.  Be careful in summoning Justice, for the virtue’s commitment is total.
Celestial traits - Virtues of Justice appear in their own form as something like a series of spheres or discs spinning together, generating friction and fire when they come into contact.   To mortal eyes they commonly chose any number of obvious Justice symbols from the noosphere as appropriate.

Virtue of Knowledge  (1, on higher planes 1-2): Init +7; Atk weapon +11 melee (11 + 11d3); AC 26; HD 11d8; hp 55 each; MV 180’; Act 1d24; SP Cosmic awareness, command of knowledge, celestial traits; SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +7; AL Lawful.
Cosmic Awareness – the virtue of knowledge can call upon information from the Noosphere at will.  It is tied to the knowledge base and experience pool of both its patron Deity and all those who have died in Her service.
Command of Knowledge – the Virtue can order Noosphere creatures in vicinity into its service with a reasonable chance of success.   The Virtue can understand, control, and manipulate data within storage media at will.  You cannot lie to a Virtue of Knowledge.
Celestial traits - Appearing in some of their native planes as a ‘walking lantern’ – a sort of gas light mount waking on eight artificial limbs each of a differing progress level and material.

Virtue of War  (1, on higher planes 1-3): Init +7; Atk weapon +11 melee (11 + 11d3); AC 26; HD 11d8; hp 66 each; MV 600; Act 4d26; SP celestial traits; SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +7; AL Lawful.
Call for War – At will, the Virtue of War may utter a metacelestial call to battle, sounding like a warbling bugle call that vibrates all reflective surfaces;  either  (Lesser call) 1d12, (Great Call) 5d12, or (Revelatory Call) 1d100 celestial beings will arrive responding to the call within 1d3 rounds. 
Engine of Virtuous Destruction – when engaging in battle a War virtue will elicit a thundering word of purpose.  In a cone shape (1x3x9) that can extend as much as 9 kilometers about 5 and a half miles) along it’s longest axis. ANY structure that shelters evil or chaotic beings in that area of effect is reduced to rubble.  Any structure that shelters the innocent, the virtuous or those caught in the crossfire is immune to this effect and in fact will find that all doors and portals sealed, so as to prevent the destruction of innocent life in conflict.  (Mortals seeking entry into such a place will likely find the doors open but one day, only to allow them ingress.)
Engine of Visceral Destruction – Up to three times a day on the mortal plane, a Virtue of War may unleash it’s primary war power;  a blast up to 700 yards long and 70 wide that inflicts 24d10 on all structures, devices, items, relics, and servitors of chaos and evil. When used for any purpose short of true conflict with a major demon, devil, or the like, the Virtue may find themselves later held accountable in the Courts of Law.   Summoned or conjured creatures of chaos and evil may be driven off the material plane if they survive (DC 26 Fort save to resist).
Celestial traits – in it’s native form as a complicated set of horns and cones arising out of a common single point, accompanied by the beat of powerful wings, equal in strength to a heavy helicopter taking off.    To mortals or on the mortal planes takes on all manner of appearances; almost all involve four wings, a central horn or trumpet, and many mouths or jets which spew sound and light as waste products.
When in conflict with the proper forces of chaos and evil, be they demons, great devils, primordial terrors, or outsider things of uncreation, their weapons always hit, and they may choose the amount of damage inflicted from what is available.   They may always critical on such a critical at will, thought the result must be determined as usual.

Virtue of Motion  (1, on higher planes 1-3): Init +7; Atk weapon +11 melee (11 + 11d3); AC 26; HD 11d8; hp 55 each; MV 180,000; Act 1d24; SP Cosmic understanding of physics, caress of total motion, celestial traits; SV Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +7; AL Lawful.
Cosmic Understanding of Physics – the Virtues of Motion often were responsible for the creation, articulation, or maintenance of the celestial deeps of various prime material planes in the ages of old and in some rare universes today this is still so. Nonetheless they understand these things in the way that a programmer would …and know how to get around them.  
Functionally this is a sort of pure motion or speed based force that allows for suspension or ignorance of physics and natural law, but which does not violate that law’s integrity.  When they have agreed to take someone somewhere that mortal is briefly endowed with a variation of this ability – they can run in mid-air, stand on the ceiling, and other sense defying impossibilities so long as they understand and believe that they can do so.  Their max. speed int his instance is limited by their INT where not superseded by the Virtue’s own rate of motion.  
The Momentary Caress of Total Motion - The Virtue’s primary attack form when confronted with hostility (and it doesn’t just leave which is its most likely response) is to impart the tiniest fraction of the universe’s total fraction of motion and energy onto the target for fractions of a microsecond. Damage is imparted immediately on the slightest of touch contacts.  Damage has been known to resemble injuries sustained in system ship crashes
Celestial traits - Virtues of Motion appear as a token of respect, still, for one round on arrival. Thereafter they are best described as a high energy blur of motion at all times.

All have common Celestial traits
Immune to disease and the ravages of aging or time.  Functionally immune to effects of entropy.   They are immune to the effects and special attacks of undeath and the dead. 
None of them can be compelled to act against their nature
Attempts by mortals to banish them from the material plane must beat their AC as a spell check DC (26).
They understand all mortal material languages instantly.
All may appear as basically anything to mortal eyes.  Unintelligent & non-sapient sensors cannot record their motions or detect them without exotic apparatus.
Also, remember their age. They have, almost certainly, really have, seen it all before.  All of it. Even that.