image from Frobidden Planet

image from Frobidden Planet
Graves of Altair IV

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Imperial Shadow has fallen over your world - Galaxy Black


The human race is gone but humanity lives on, it’s culture and genome infecting a million worlds. 

Nothing is ever forgotten  Even in a Collapsing Universe; the struggle of Law and Chaos goes on.


What is Galaxy Black?

“Galaxy black is a science fiction and space fantasy toolkit for your DCC RPG game.  A lightly gothic semi-humorous fantasy of the space future that was, and could still be, one day.  With magic, bright colours, and deep implications.  For everyone. 


With Galaxy Black you should be able to fake your way through your favorite SF franchise without any problems at all – from golden age space opera to grotty modern post-cyberpunk, from the gutter to the stars, and all points in between.  

Galaxy black is also, for those who want it, a setting, showing one example of how using all the elements in the book (and there are a lot of them!) together can work, using a traditional golden age Galactic Empire as a model.

Galaxy black is generators!  Make worlds, cultures, aliens, gods, and technology, use the campaign frameworks and adventure generators to inspire or map out a whole adventure, a whole campaign! 

Galaxy black has character classes, psionics, weird alien magic, demons, daemons, and terrifying new vistas of reality “

Fully compatible with the DCC RPG and its many spawn, available from Goodman Games.  


 Galaxy Black I Characters & Classes introduces the core classes of Galaxy Black to supplement (not replace) those used in DCC, from the undead slaying space knights of the celeste numina to alien bounty hunters who stalk their prey with biotech  

EXTENSIVE alien creation tables allow you to create a single alien or a whole world of them, customized and tweaked with the shaper tables, and all manner of options. Over 4300 combinations are possible!  Judges can create whole alien armies and players distinctive gene tweaked unique entities with the same system. 

Legacies tables to get the band of voyagers together quickly with common bonds they have inherited.

Extensive background about some of the more alien clades of the Empress Imperium, the engineered Insectivroids, the sun castes of the Saurids, and much more!

Use as much, or as little, as you wish in your campaign. All options are full compatible with one another while remaining modular.

Note: this is only the first book of Galaxy Black. You will need the DCC RPG rules to play;  Those seeking a highly psychic or magically oriented game will need Galaxy Black II Magic, Metaphysics, and Psychic Powers, coming in April.  


Now Available from the Dreaming Gynoid store and Drivethru RPG

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Friday, March 12, 2021

The Waiting is Over


From the (new) introduction to Galaxy Black

This…is not the introduction I planned to write. (If you are curious, it largely exists intact as the intro to Colony Black.)


The facts are that Dreaming Gynoid is a tiny little start-up operation with very little budget but a lot of ideas and a lot more love, and the last few years have been rough but the last three have just been brutal.  2020 and quarantine was kind of the last straw.  Don’t worry this is neither farewell or epitaph but it is important (perhaps, quite likely in fact, only to me) to get across that this is not the way I intended to release any of this.

But we adapt or the world breaks us.

So thus I welcome you to this, the first volume of Galaxy Black, a full service SF-Fantasy-Horror toolkit for your DCC RPG game.  In the years that it has taken to develop it has gone from being simply a single, one and done SF toolkit to a sprawling wonderous mad thing of it’s own.  Many thanks to Joe Goodman, Harley Stroh, Doug Kovacs and everfyone else involved in bringing the strange weird beast that is the DCC RPG to life and for letting us all play in your backyard.


This first volume deals with people – these are (some of the) trillions of zeros that make up the Empress Imperium.  Here you will find zero level character creation rules, character classes, and more tools to mod those character creation rules than you will know what to do with.  It is hoped that the Judge will use these tables to create specialized populations of the various clades and species in the book, unique to the worlds of their campaign.  Here also, these tables allow, in a relatively harmless and (mostly) mechanics free players to specialize the weird aliens they play and the specifics of their characters to an incredible degree.


Much like the first fantasy role playing games, the options herein, much like Galaxy Black itself, exist across the whole spectrum of space fantasy, sf, and horror, making a heady space fantasy potpourri.  This is intentional.   While Galaxy Black undeniably has a style and an attitude all of it’s own, there is enough herein (once it is complete) that the Judge and her players should be at home, able to create almost any SF situation from just GB and the DCC RPG rulebook.


In coming months, the remainder of galaxy black will release likewise.  I have tried to stage the releases in order of maximum usefulness outside of Galaxy Black itself, both for widest possible appeal and so you wonderful completists don’t have to wait a year and  a half to have the ‘complete game.’   A book on gear and technology will accompany this one, followed by one big book detailing space travel, the sub-ether, and all of that fun stuff (finally!).  Following that a book on the supernatural, detailing the gods, the magic, and (at last) the psionics of Galaxy Black.   Afterward that leaves the bestiary and the Judge’s guide.


Gwendolyn Harper, March 5, 2021

Saturday, February 13, 2021

It was a harsh land, a harsh and unforgiving land. Setting up a Doomed Colony Scenario

During a Colony’s first year, almost anything can pose a problem.  Assuming the colony is not entirely subsisting on emergency rations, winter and countless other environmental considerations can affect attempts at agriculture, regardless of the nature of those crops be they imported or native.   Surely certain (expensive) steps can be taken (greenhouse domes with full environmental controls and lifelocks) but these are seldom within the budget of a foundling colony.

A single mystery illness, crop failure, or environmental disaster can destroy the colony in mere progressions.

Free Download – the Doom that Came to Colony Six


GetColony Black here  ( link) 

 And here  (drive thru link)

Friday, February 12, 2021

Colony Hazard - Thulk Worm Contagion

 Dear mother


Extraordinarily sun-burnt greetings from the distant imperial frontier!

We are coming up on our first local year here and what a year it has been!  This is my fist test of my homebuilt ansible, I have no idea how long it will take you to receive or how badly it will have degraded.  We are well into the Quarantine, but our little colony is doing incredibly well for itself. To be perfectly fair I think it was declared while I was still in transit, but we only learned of it locally maybe 20 progressions back if that.  


We are on the northern continent right now, which is in winter strangely, so we may have picked a bad time.  Apparently there is a sapient people up here and I would like, am trying to make peaceful first contact with them, as a representative of the colony if nothing else.   One of the other colony sites encountered them on their first trip to the mainland and well I am pretty much the resident scientist for the colony at this point.   I’m happy to help! 


A lot more has gone on and I have several strange new friends, but I can’t talk about that.

I may need to formally speak to ‘Great Aunt Greta” about the family giving me a grower’s license for some napthentevine.   I’ll need the full one as I’m so far from home. Also, I would eventually need to bring in and vette my own licensors.  Never saw that coming.

I believe we have spores.  Must dash,

Regards to father

Your socially appropriately loving daughter




P.S.  The megafauna here used to be dregging ENORMOUS.  I’ve scanned in a few of the bigger fossils for you to print on your Maker.  I’m sure Gran will appreciate the conversation starter

Colony Hazard – Thulk Worms (free!  Get it here )

What is this about?  Get Colony Black here  (drive thru link) 

Friday, January 29, 2021

Colony Black - Useful Colony links post

Every time someone has come to the cluster and tried to recover, or reactivate the portals and gates here, disaster has struck.   If the Player Characters (or worse, the authorities, or even worse, the Company) get their hands on these portals will it happen again? How soon?

 A few additional resources that would be of extraordinary extra help in making use of the material in Colony Black! Enjoy. 

A brief history of the corporation

 Andre Norton’s Forerunner, a big big big influence on this ish

(Part of a great little series looking back over Andre Norton’s total output. Pretty much the only reason I go to Tor nowadays.)


 A few links from the BRILLIANT Atomic Rockets page. This Man Deserves Your Moiney

 So…company scrip

 the galactic survey

 interstellar colonization



Finally a few links for those of you looking to flesh out colony 5

This is part of an awesome YouTube series on alien biospheres

 What is an archipelago?

 some additional inspiration

Colony Black

Welcome to the Imperial Frontier

Want to get away from the law, the public eyes, the constant surveillance, and all the damn biometrics? Want to make use of some wacky sociopolitical theory that would Never. Fly. in Imperial space?  Start your own commune or temple!  
Each time someone has come to the Cluster and tried to recover or reactive the portals there, disaster has struck.  If the Company, the Authorities, or - worse - the PCs - get their intenticles on these portals will it happen again?  How soon?
A sample colony and rules to found your own barebones colony on the frontier.  All the possible threats that could initially manifest and just maybe a path to forge your world's destiny!  It's all up to you. The tools here for you to explore, exploit, survive, and conquer. 
Tools for solitaire and one-on-one play
A sourcebook for the New Orien cluster, cut off from the Imperial network
The beginnings of a complete campaign! 

Yes two releases in a single week.  IT just happened that way. :)

Now available from drivethrurpg and our own storefront

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Out now! Apocrypha Obscura - Transmissions from the Dreaming Gynoid

A compilation from the first years of the Dreaming Gynoid blog. Compiled from five years worth of articles, posts, and missives, many no longer available,

Longtime readers of the blog will find here much that is familiar and more than a little that was lost in the blogspot purge    I've gone through and tagged (I think) everything here int he blog that appears herein.  Transparency - it's a thing.   Also I don't want anyone thinking I'm trying to mislead anyone here.   Most of this material has been previously published, often in a somewhat different form, on the Dreaming Gynoid blog from 2018 to the present.  Some material also appeared prior on the  “Swords of Jaldipoor,” “I Shoot Him in the Face!”  and “Lens of Unrectified Night” Blogs, from 2015-2018.  

DriveThru RPG link 

Dreaming Gynoid store link 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Awards and Decorations for 956 S.R. (2020 Patron appreciation superpost)


This year alone we posted 38 early releases, previews, venture seeds, behind the scenes, and making of posts.  Sub-ethernaut level backers get access to the Galaxy Black playtest docs and scads of articles not seen anywhere else.  All proceeds go to making our books better!   We are still small but growing super fast.   Please consider giving the Dreaming Gynoid patreon a look see if you are interested.


Awards and Decorations for 956 S.R.   11.020 /Third Empire

 The Empress, Maos T’Uvurth  first of Her name, Queen mother of the Tanix dynasty commands forth the following commendations, special awards, and deeds of note at this the end of the imperial year (a Sidereal) 956, being the 956th year in imperial record keeping since the conclusion of the Holy Reconquista of Vaena Martel I.

 The Empress’ List 956 S.R.

Osiris White, Chris Dunlap, James Velez, T.R. Williams, 

Tore Nielsen, Beckett Warren, Victor Garrison, Corey Brin,  and Jodi Breeden


All of you have made possible

The Book of Scarlet Abomination, Blasphemy Leak, and three issues of Sub-ether.  And (with your infinite patience) Galaxy Black


Sidereal Knighthoods

Beckett Warren, Jodi Breeden 

 are hereby awarded to those Imperial backers who have been with us more than a year.

 Special recognition and Imperial thanks also to

Aaron Johnson, and Evlyn Moreau for deeds above and beyond

 Moving into our third year, I want to also give thanks to every single one of you who have given us a look and those who continue to come back for more. We salute you!  Without you, this is all for naught.


Dreaming Gynoid studio is                      Gwendolyn Harper


Known Co-conspirators                            Chris Dunlap

                                                                               Osiris White


A little out of the ordinary.

Psychedelic and weird fantasy, SF, and horror


We humbly thank Extrre Ashtereth for Her guidance and support these years of the Gynoid.  Praise Her Name, the Queen of Heaven.

And Tamarah Pandoramicum for allowing us to finish our tasks. Hail her dread majesty, princess of demons.








Sunday, December 13, 2020

Cult of the The Power Cozmik

 Cult of the The Power Cozmik (Cleric Cult)

In some way the Collapsing Universe itself seems capable of empowering champions to do it’s bidding from time to time.  Some believe this to be the spirit of the universe itself, in some sort of ‘cozmik druid’ sense.  This is an old phenomenon.  The Ancient Quetzal wrote of it first in the latter interstellar-galactic era of their civilization. A belief and paradigm resulting, was reconstructed by the Vem in Prehistory as they encountered Quetzal ruins early in their own stellar travels and it experienced a renaissance of sorts in Vem society. The forms and basis for the modern belief took hold here.

Most commonly it  accepts the existence of an Overgod, the sum of all sentient life in the universe (or galaxy, opinions differed); many of their latter successor technologies seemed to involve this conceptualized galaxy or universal mind.


The Iriib - Neytat  The Overmind, coalesced out of the eddies of faith and power within the Sub-Ether; Noosphere intellect/ lesser idea god

Somewhat less formally known today as The Power Cozmik

 Basic tenets

            Life is sacred
            Intelligent life is the consciousness of the Living Universe.
            The Universe flows and this flow should be allowed to continue unimpeded
            The Universe should be allowed to unfold as it will, so to all of those within it.


Alignment: Life, the Universe (Lawful, Neutral)

Weapons:    Mace, Sword,

Unholy         The Undead, universal incursions, existential threats, certain Gods, most Demons, the forces of Anti-life


Symbology -

Quetzal ruins can be found throughout the galaxy.  It is increasingly thought that the various “crystal garden” worlds that seem to be becoming less rare as one moves closer to the center of the galaxy may have been the result of early “Quertzalforming” of these worlds.  

Symbology – winged serpents, jeweled birds, the power cozmik

Related: Quetzal cults, Ancient hypertech,


Channeling the Power Cosmik 

When invoking the Power Cosmik, the caster’s Eyes hands and face (sometimes the caster’s whole body) take on the aspect of the universe, appearing as a black shape through which can be seen the deeps of space.

The power cosmic - Spellcasting le Grande Astromancies;

Playing a Cleric of the POWER COSMIK (you have to think of it in those terms or it loses something) is not subtle. You don’t just casually tap the invisible pattern of galactic ley lines in order to  channel zero point energy.   In somewhat different nomenclature, it is pure (positive material) energy, with a distinctly Primordial twist or tang or resonance ( You are tapping into the un-utilized potential energy of the big bang here).

“This article is reproduced in Apocrypha Obscura – Transmissions from the Dreaming Gynoid, available  (drive thru link)  

  and ( link) 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Vulcan Weapons System

The Vulcan Weapons System

The sole product of a rogue Imperial Scientist who, for a time, traveled from world to world selling unique weapon artefacts, doing business as Olympiad Arms Ltd.   The Vulcan, at least, is believed to be the product of his last (successful?) voyage into and out of the Federate No-Go Zone.

Most often taking the form of a pair of bulky, seemingly very heavy and unbalanced pistols, the components may be combined into a single artefact in a variety of configurations or an as yet undefined number of smaller configurations of multiple components.

Type: Technological (?) Artefact              Power Source:  Divine energy

Woke: No                                                     Intelligence  neg.

Restrictions:   Soul locked - only one config. Unlocked per character level or HD

May only be used/operated/manipulated by one individual at a time.


Known Configurations included

Default – Hephaestus Pistols             Range 15/20/25

Designed to be alternately or dual  wielded by a single user, each fires a bolt of pure ‘creative’ energy – the divine fires of making, as wielded by the Gods of the Forge – inflicting 3d5 damage on any living, mortal thing such an energy blast strikes.


Contratitanic Rifle                                  Range 130/270

Combining the components, attaching one into the other and then extending them (1-2 rounds depending on familiarity). 

Inflicts 3d12 damage per hit


Monster sighting carbine                    Range 50/100

Combines one into an augment for the other, extending the barrel and fanning out a variety of analytic and computer functions. Strikes a single studied target at +2, inflicting 5d5 damage, or any other target at +0, doing 3d4 with each hit.


Hades Blaster                                           Range 5/10

The one pistol eats the other and transforms into a single bulky projector that fires a combined spiral blast of negative material energy and tidal (gravitational) force. 

Fires every other round for 6d6+1/die damage on anything material in the universe.


Fury configuration                                 Range 60

Blaster, Armor arm, partial helm and targeting reticle

Single blaster firing bolts of concussive omni force striking for 3d6 pk damage. Strikes at +3 to hit, and grants +2 to AC while engaged.


There is believed to be at least three other settings – a web like projector that can be used to get around and travel as much as capture and immobilize opponents, a charged electric purple hood that allows the sighting of invisible creatures and fires eye blasts of light energy, and that of a lengthy rod or “Radio Staff” that redirects up to 2d4+1/level electrical or light attack energy and can fire bolts of same each round, while also inflicting 1d7 damage in a fight.

When inactive, often appears as a pair of off colour porcelain bracelets.

“This article is reproduced in Apocrypha Obscura – Transmissions from the Dreaming Gynoid, available  (drive thru link)  

  and ( link) 

Friday, September 25, 2020

Venture seed: PUZZLEWORLD


Overheard in a well-connected High port bar

Imperial naval elements have been dispatched at the behest of contact teams now deep in the Far Sagittarius Arm at the discovery of an immense, nay, world-sized contragravity artefact. 

They are already calling it Puzzleworld.

Like some immense Escherian construct, ‘Puzzleworld’ hangs in the heavens, looking as though a world once intact were split into hundreds (maybe thousands) of discreet but intact semi-geometric fragments, and set apart – floating in suspension, separate but together.  Making it not only possible but….perhaps in places easy….to move through the planet along immense but intricate pathways wrought with gravitational distortions.  Literally making the planet itself a maze to navigate through if such is desired.

And who wouldn’t be curious about that? I hear they are looking for unsigned navigators to help chart the thing.   Surely the black pyramid will send along some ISA Swolehead soon as the currents sing.



A comms circuit, seventeen levels underneath the Black Pyramid, on Teranaya.

“Open new file.  Copy the disbursements approval board.   Approval board message begins.

Candidacy believed excellent.  Imperial Naval Artifact R1187 C987/76D


Candidate believed highly likely for classification as ISA Artifact/Known Precursors/Artifact Index/Wonder/possible site 7

“As department head of the deep archeo-history research and securities division and team lead of the Artefact Recovery Process (Internal) I ascertain the utmost likelihood of tremendous benefit and need for immediate haste to secure transit and research rights to Imperial Naval Artifact R1187 C987/76DR199a/SagDeepSurvey7 which is located deep in the unexplored Beyonds of the Sagittarius arm.  This is an area thousands of Lights beyond the Imperial frontier, and we know nothing of area beyond an index of local stellar phenomena and a strandful of quasi historical index suggestions.

Simply put my friends, rivals, colleagues, and bitter enemies of the Parasciences Institute, I put to you that this world is one of the Pretanaja “art installations” I have written so extensively of.  Naval intelligence suggests that the world is not presently inhabited and has not likely been for some time.  We MUST get on top of this. Securing such a site for Imperial Inquiry should be one of our top priorities for the coming Sidereal.

I still seek funding for a secure contact team to study another suspected such world, Wonder/Possible site 5, however I understand that as that is in the Neutral Zone with the Federation getting approval may literally take centuries.   

Regardless of the outcome, pending, to my request, I hereby tender a formal leave of absence as I am about to hire a starship with funds from the discretionary pile once I can find one crazy enough to take me that far beyond imperial space.  You can message me when you make approvals on the usual frequencies. 

Knej E. Kinshataywann, doctor

(Abjured) department head on leave


>>>>>>Replies available???

>>>>>>Priority one incoming/Director Maietbuyo begins

Alright you have approval, I’ll run it across the board in the morning.  Travel papers ae being arranged, also a sufficient dip into the discretionary fund to hire 2-16 contractors.  Please don’t go to this weird alien thing all alone?  The navy is already sending a team so you may not be alone out there.  Also, please leave a full metric persona backup with us before you lift, we can’t afford to rebuild your department because you got your skull crushed by a two ton weight.

Be Careful while sciencing Doctor.  
Hail the Empress.
Director K.E.C. Maietbuyo,
Parascientific studies and disbursements panel
Imperial Science Academy, Teranaya "