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Appendix G
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Monday, February 19, 2024

"Stay a while, stay....forever!"

 The data-lich has destabilized the orbit of OSS DRB MR-997S/a1 and it is hurtling in-system.    The mining robots, the maintenance droids and the sentinels have all been repurposed, retasked, and where needed, reprogrammed entirely.   The asteroid has been cleared of all other personnel. (he believes) and it is under lockdown.

Send in the Legionnaires.

 This situation presents itself as especially suited to a mixed group game – one where only one or two Legionnaires are available and must make do in a co-opted civilian system ship surrounded by randomly involved imperial subjects; the PCs vessel can be the one coopted, or they can be aboard station when the emergency starts.

At this point, you may as well just go whole hog and rip the original game completely off (if you have a copy of GDWs ASTEROID! Go Get It Right Now)  For the rest of you, you will need maps. Four to eight depending on party size and how long the Judge wishes to drag this out.  Somewhere on one of these maps exists the physical architecture for the station computer hosting at least -part- of the Datalich’s consciousness. 

There are many handy map resources available on the the Wireless Fabric but I will suggest from (playtesting) experience that  Dyson’s  index card maps are especially useful for this. 

Download Asteroid OSS DRBMR-997S/a here. 

More (a LOT more) about the Imperial Legions can be found in the latest issue of Sub-ether, a special military SF issue. 

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Hail the Empress! 

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Monday, February 5, 2024

BOUNCE! Rules for small tactical wargame-looking engagements just like mom used to make

 rules for small tactical wargame looking engagements just like mom used to make

Each armor gets assigned a movement rate in hexes.  This is it’s “bounce” rating.  Lit.  rapid high end movement in armor.   Each major weapon gets assigned a range…in hexes.  Provide a hex map with stuff on it.  Go. They are playing GEV before they know it

Terrain rules should be super simple. 
Mountains imperial forces – Light bounce rating reduced by one; Jump ignores terrain 
PL 4-6 forces bounce reduced to 1.  All forces AV increased by one. 
Hills ignorable terrain by imperial forces, reduces bounce rating of PL 4-6 forces by half. 
Organic Wet (Bog, Swamp, Marsh) bounce rating reduced by 1; AV increased by 1 
Heavy High Vegetation (Forest, Jungle, AgBramble) bounce rating reduced by 1 
Road imperial units increase bounce rating by 1. PL 4-6 armor/infantry double bounce
Urban bounce rating halved save to evacuate out of Urban hex, AV increased by 1
Vac rules (which mean little unless a suit breach happens)
-Light (Imperial) troops have an effective bounce rating of 1 in Vac.  Jump troops have their full bounce rating. 
Liquid rules
- Imperial units can choose to traverse over the water or underneath it.
- over water increases movement by 1
- under water movement and bounce rating decreased by 1; AV effectively increased by 1

Unit type (by armor, assumes Zero level) 
Garrison AV 1 DV 3 bounce 2
Scout AV 3 DV 3 bounce 4
Attack Infantry AV 2 DV 4 bounce 3
Battle armor troops AV 3 DV 4 bounce 5
Tact Assault      AV 3 DV 5 bounce 6
Command Armor AV 4       DV 5 bounce 6

Attack Value – derived from bab+1.
Defense Value – derived from AC
Those with force fields or death countermeasures will have a second DV
Bounce rating – by armor, in hexes per turn 
Each hex = 1 mile or so Each turn = 1 minute or so

When using with actual leveled characters.  
The BAB addition will make them gross.
Those with multiple action dice take second action, section action =AV-1, a third action die also but at AV-2 
Other armor DV = AC/6, round up. 

Click here to get the full PDF including three pages of statistics for sample opponents.

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Sub-ether 04 is live. Legions of the Imperium are now available.

Don’t mind those sonic booms rolling through the upper atmosphere. Everything is under control. Imperial Control. The Legions are here.

Sub-ether 04

Special Military Sci Fi issue!

Diverting a bit from Galaxy Black’s usual criminal hijinx, we explore an alternative to normal gameplay – the Imperial Legions.

Special Legionnaire chargen, see if you can survive boot camp at the Dour Yard.

Legion organization, history, orders of battle, culture, traditions, slang, and Legion scenarios – from one line suggestions all the way up to whole military campaigns.

Full military mission & campaign generators.

More Black Angels references than you can possibly stand!

Military weapons and armor; military tech; many examples of Imperial Legions at a variety of scales, aaaaaand we do horrible horrible weepy things to DCC combat.

In non-Legion content we have a deeper dive into the pervasive reach of the elder space gods, the Angels of Man. Here also, one of their abandoned creations, a full character class – the Muzikatauri

Brightly coloured genecrafted centaurs and masters of song and the magic of the noosphere; a unique take on Bards and other music-magic based classes.

Inspired in good measure by the Titan books by John Varley and at least somewhat, My Little Pony (yes you read that correctly).

We have First Contact! Tables in the Space Alphabet, and a marvelous little tourist destination, a Saurid planet in the Satrapies in Worlds of the Imperium. Travel to Korvell and get a stylish hole drilled in your head at Zonder’s Trepanation Parlour.

Throw tacnukes at Designated Targets. Study your World Invasion Protocols. Eat a faceful of CF.

151 pages of tongue in cheek anti-colonial action. For Galaxy Black and any DCC RPG characters you are even less attached to than usual.

Come join the Imperial Legions, heroes. Come and die. 

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Monday, January 8, 2024

FUNGICIDE - a Legions of the Imperium article (for Sub-ether 04)


A sweep and clear of some minor consequence for three to five fire teams of Imperial Legionnaires, levels 0-2


An old, nay ancient threat now but seldom encountered.

First contact it is said occurred early and again late in the First Empire.  Many wars.  As with the progression of time and the collapse of the universe, the pace of change for some civilizations is too much.  Sometimes even elder civilizations fall.

Their kind scattered too well.  Throughout the local group they came seeking mineral and material resources while bringing their fell gods and eldritch science-sorceries. They archeologie’d upon the Primordial Ones, much as the Imperium would later do.   They made war on their many enemies. But for many many millions of years, the star fungi, once commonly called the Migoh (once, the Migoux Plague; there were many wars) are threadbare.  No longer mighty empires spanning many galaxies, so much as many increasingly isolated settlements, running down, pondering the swelling of the stars and the end of times. Increasingly their religious proclivities demand their attentions. 

Many of that which they once served was long ago freed to Stalk the Galaxies once more.   Their own civilization weathered the experience, but it was a destructive period. The eldest brains of the modern era’s star flung settlements are led by councils of brains from this time. 

An Imperial deep survey vessel charting the Rim detected the telltale signs of gravitational lensing in a nearby star cluster.  Investigation led to an unmitigated fail of a  first contact situation.  Unlike most, this one ended in the disintegration of an imperial vessel.

You are the first responders. 

In some imperial variations, the Great Fungal War is about to begin……

download Fungicide here for absolutely nothing

Mi-go illustration  By Khannea SunTzu - - "I drew it in pencil. I own the full rights.", CC BY-SA 3.0,

check out more of their work here

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Patrons of the known Galaxies - The White Serpent That Gives Wisdom


Lightbearers of The White Serpent

Patrons of the known Galaxies


The White Serpent That Gives Wisdom

Has seen so many civilizations rise and fall,  across a thousand worlds legends speak of a great sinuous form, often covered in feathers, that descends from the sky to teach wisdom.  A million names for a million worlds.   The White Serpent, the Serpent that Gives; the Wisdom Giver, the Air Worm, the Glory of the Sky, the Star Father, etc. etc.  For hundreds of millions of years, a variety of being or beings with certain aspects in common have come to primitive or recovering worlds from the stars and inspired civilization or it’s renewal. Some say these visitations are follow ups to older even more primordial voyages that tinkered, or perhaps even placed life, upon many of these worlds initially.

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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Patrons of the Known Galaxies: Ur-Noo-Polis


Patrons of the known Galaxies

Ur-Noo-Polis (Urnopolis)

The spirit of City

 This thing that haunts the Ur-metropolis seems a contradiction, an ill wind, or oily elusive shadows?  A long serpentine wind winding between buildings and threading its way into even the most hidden spaces.

Possession of Splinters Sailing on the Seas of Probability will greatly enhance the utility of this patron, but it is by no means essential.  

 The Ur-city, the Omnimetropolis,  is known by billions of names throughout the omniverse. The “All-City” is a reflection of the First City and of course of all cities in some sense.  A concept so important in the Collapsing Universe that the Noosphere emanation of the concept of City has long since become self-aware, hungry, and watching.   All cities are it’s body and equalmuch it’s memory.  City transcends time and space, and many Great Cities of Legend, seem to reincarnate in other times and places under names more fitting to their new environments. Through all of these places, from Los Angeles to New Chicago, Myris Ithil, the City of Brass, or transcendental Urath, through each window, into each home and business and office and street does the All City’s Sentience watch, self-absorbed, obsessed with the parasites that live within it and make up the greatest body of its spiritual energy….

Ur Noo Polis is both aiding and malevolent.  It will help but it may require you to allow an innocent to be murdered, both the act and your complicity, sacrifices to the All-City.

Tap the Urnoplis and Invoke the Spirit of the All City here 

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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Cutting Room Floor - Psychic Insights of the Noosphere


Cutting Room Floor

Psychic Insights of the Noosphere

 - Splinters – Sailing Across the Seas of Probability


Both Book II ( and Splinters ( may be useful in understanding and utilizing this material;

However, Book VI will be essential to proper use of either spell, esp. the second.


“Slow your mind.  Here we cultivate deliberate thought and eliminate reactive thought.  Stop thinking.  Stop reacting to things.   Let go of meme-thoughts.  

With stillness we begin.”


During Psion training,  as the nascent psychic’s training evolves their mind and inner eye, they repeatedly test their psychological fortitude; Would-be psychics confront their repressed nature, their shadow, and learn to transcend their own dualities. 

At the end, a period known as consolidation begins, whereby the adept fuses and overlays their conceived inner world with the physical world outside.   Until they complete this process they cannot leave the temple or training space as Manifesters.

As psions develop their inner eye (gain levels and grow in power) their orgonne or inner self, their Subtle body, becomes very powerful, slowly the planar energies they commonly channel will become like unto a series of tiny capillaries running to them at all times.

Most psychic disciplines  (and especially those of third level or higher) are powered by transplanar energies; most commonly what is called variously orgonne/kundalin/the yang realm/positive material energy, though there are exceptions.   Possibly  at some point in the distant past this was not always the case save perhaps as a (faintly) emergent quality however that’s now changed for other reasons.

However, the medium through which almost all psychic activity seems to flow primarily will always bee the Noosphere, the Plane of Thought.



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Cutting Room Floor articles are literally that – pages of material that in whole or part were removed or did not make the final cut of a release, sometimes complete, sometimes very briefly stated.   

(Blame my good friend T.R. Williams for the title, as I ripped it off from him whole cloth) 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Paying Charon’s Toll - Magic of the Forgotten for Galaxy Black and the DCC RPG


 Paying Charon’s Toll

two new spells for

Splinters – Sailing Across the Seas of Probability


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Beckett Warren, Charlie V, Christopher Tamm, Dyson Logos, Evlyn Moreau, Mamading Ceesay, PiaLaMode, and Tore Nielsen

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For those few who can find and would dare (and yet could survive) a confrontation with the Prince of Black Waters will find that their steadfastness, their sincerity, and their determination……or perhaps their deceptiveness, their craftiness and sense of trickery will be put to the test.  

Charon themselves can teach the Memory of Nothing…if you can convince them.

The foolhardy attempt to learn it themselves by sipping of the Black Waters of Nothing.

If you would know the secrets of the Wyls, the Wild Women, or any other of the Forgotten you must penetrate the black waters and seek beyond into the Erasure itself, but beware!  Those who enter the Erasure and do not return are lost forever. 


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Isle of the Dead: Third version, 1883

Arnold Böcklin

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Spring update from the Gynoid

The response to Galaxy Black and especially the last few quite unorthodox releases has been simply fantastic – especially for a dense, digital only publication - and enough time has passed for me to be able to analyze a few things and figure out some tweaks to “the way forward.”  Worry not, nothing bad.  At all.

 Let's talk about Print on Demand 

The process of converting files over to allow for Print on Demand (PoD)is now well underway.   Part of the holdup thus far, has been that some books, especially the older ones, do not transfer over well and the degree of degradation is such that recreating from source file(s) is required.   Both the Book of Scarlet Abomination (BoSA) and the first issue of Sub-ether are being recreated as we speak. Tammy’s book is near done.   I hesitate to say more until I am holding a successful test copy in my hands, however.  

That said the newer stuff should be much less hassle to import SAVE that they are So Damn Long.  

The priority (I assume) most people would prefer is that I get Galaxy Black out first and basically everything else second.  

I would _really_ prefer to clean a few of the XXs up before doing so but I freely admit that will add time to things and greatly increase the likelihood of my tinkering further which could only make it come out that much later.

But if the feedback is there I will change tacks and get those out as absolutely soonest.   Tell me here, or but if you want those sooner, as is, TELL ME as I can totally make that happen if there is enough demand.

Left to my own advice and devices the books will come out in the rough order of how useful the print copy for that particular book will be at the actual gaming table v. how quickly I can get them converted over. 

 Sub-ether 04 should be finishing up in the next few months.  With any luck it will drop in both ansiblecast (digital) and maker (PoD) options at launch.  AS a lot of the material therein is of a relatively experimental nature (most of the Legion stuff just does NOT play well outside of that sandbox) rest asssured there will be a plenty of non-specific Collapsing Universe content for your DCC and Galaxy Black games.   A long form article unpacks the Space Gods from Book V as explicit power players in the campaign setting.   A class of noosphere wielding loremasters inspired by the works of John Varley and a rundown on the State of Imperial Conflict rounds out the issue, with lots of ways to use this material with Colony Black and prior Sub-ether issues.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Sub-ether 03 is here!

 Riding on some savage speed of light lag, the latest Sub-ether transmission has been received.

 Drive Thru Link

Dreaming Gynoid store link 


“Get paid simstar, get paid.”

Sub-ether 03 Age of the Spice Pirates

takes you to Canopus, head of the Imperial Spice Commission

A complete future crime campaign!  The Age of the Spice Pirates will take your criminal band of zeros to second level and beyond.


Serpent Men conspiracies of the deep future

Saurid heresies of the ancient past

Robing  the ultra-corrupt Spice Commission right there at their doorstep.

Spice Smuggling! Ancient Conspiracies!  Can you survive the Eve of a Dozen Vipers ?


It’s not about fuel.  It’s not about rebellion. It’s about Spice. It’s about Crime.

It’s about coming out ahead of your enemies.

The Age of the Spice Pirates begins in Sub-ether 03

For the DCC RPG, Galaxy Black, and the whole family of DCC games.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Just in time for your funky Halloween games


Splinters are dangerous things, dangerous to the unit-individual in particular. A single encounter with the wrong alternate version of an element from the past or unpleasing present can unseat anyone; any general, any arch mage, any high and mighty personage, person of state or member of the power elite.

Just one.

Tread carefully, reflections in infinite glass lead mostly to madness.

 Splinters - Sailing Across the Seas of Probability 

Is your guide to the infinite worlds of the ominiverse, from Splinter universes both like and unlike your own, true parallels, and the outer branes of the spiral vortex, this expands the cosmology for your Galaxy Black game and  provides a bevy of new possibilities for the die-hard DCC enthusiast.


There is a strong Appendix N tradition of people from here being drawn to otherwhere, it’s almost founded on it.

Dead people who have escaped the Underworld, pirates from the south China sea 75 years after world war 3, secret assassin-surgeons of 18th century Free France, all in one party.

Interdimensional media trade

The Gatecrashers Syndicate


Take your game to the infinite


--- Crack the mirror here  ---

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Q&A Splinters – Sailing on the Seas of Infinity

 At Dreaming Gynoid we love the rebels - 

Things I think you should know about the Splinters book

It is in many senses a Book of Worlds.   Some parallel some fundamental some very very esoteric. Some may sound familiar…some few may even be familiar but most of this Is not something you’ve seen before.   

So, let’s Q&A this shit.  Trust me I can hear these coming.  Relax.

We have Control. 

What is with al this rampant Christianity in this book?  Huh?  From You?

So look, Satan and Lilith are cited in the core book  -that means, Dark Lord willing, they are free to use on the table and Fair Play. 

So yes I’s there, so is my usual metric ass loads of faithful and remixed Greek Mythology (that’s a thing for me, if you maybe are  unaware of ……me at all)  which mix pleasantly in a nice post classic Milton-Faust stew.  

Hey if it came rom Blavatsky it’s the D&D cosmology.  Which isn’t this – this is DCC – but I can do similar things to get a particular effect.  

In Any case, for those who care about such things, this continues with the Book of Scarlet Abomination and some of my non-games work as doing double duty as a work of esoterica. 

In this case, the whole Splinters book and by extension one can infer the underlying cosmology of all of my DCC books then, is one of (to quote my darling spouse)  “Total Gnostic Bullshit” albeit mixed heavily with a highly feminist spin on all things rabbinical and apocryphal. 

There are no long winded speculations on the nature of Sophia (well there is but you won’t recognize it as such) but it is  HEAVILY implied that Adam was made from the rib of Lilith who then fucked off as she had better things to do than stick around in this walled garden. 

Nothing really earth shattering but Statements of purpose and intent nonetheless. Workings. Sigils. Whatever the kids call them these days.  

It’s all Art To ME.  

Is this a Judges book?  A players? Book?

There aren’t a lot of actual Supplement type books for DCC (by design) so I have cut this weird little niche out here where that’s basically all I do.   Traditiaonlly my assumption has always been it’s he Judge reading the book (at least) which is as much for economic reasons as anything else.  I do like to give players stuff though even if I despise the sort of 3e era of “Constant Stream of Player Stimulation” splatbook bloat. Ew. 

Let me put it this way

There are a bunch of weird zero levels in this book

There is a strong Appendix N tradition of people from here being drawn to otherwhere, it’s almost founded on it.  I thought it would be an interesting way to get across the different alternate worlds by making them sources of zero levels to be whisked away to wherever the Judge wants.

At a con sometime someone REALY should use this book to spawn Zeros for a game of Intrigue At the Courts of Chaos.     Dead people who have escaped the Underworld, pirates from the south China sea 75 years after world war 3, secret assassin-surgeons of 18th century Free France, all in one party.  A fun headache for any Judge who has run that one before. 

Big ups to this by the way, one of my total faves of the whole DCC line as it’s just so unexpected on every level.   And you can remix it ENDLESSLY

(Someone gave the Egg to Tamarah once.  MISTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE;  the Lords of Chaos wee amused…and quite pissed) 

The adventure I have planned as he follow up to the Patrons of the Fairy Chaos book is heavily influenced by Courts of Chaos in that it’s a fish out of water scenario at a wedding of cosmic entities…all of whom have agendas  IF I ever finish it.)  

Anything else you want peeps to know?

While I’ve thought about this as my Big Moorcock book to a certain extent  (Though parts of Galaxy Black really fit that appellation far better) I should have to say that postproduction this is even more my Big Zelazny book.  

Both Amber series, the Dilvish books, even some obscure stuff like a few items from Unicorn Variations and Eye of Cat.   (Obscure stuff I’m not lifting anything here.  But I am shameless about showing my references. It’s part of the game’s tradition AFAIAC;  DCC stealth elevates the whole hobby every time it goes on about its sources IMO- EMBRACE THE LITRACHA)

Also this by itself paired off with the DCC rulebook makes for a wicked weird basic urban fantasy hack.   I think if you glance at the right angle you can see Numinagents from there.  (another place you can see bits and bobs of both Numinagents and its twisted companion Nomads lay int  creature makers in the Judges Guide.  Deliberate plug. 

Maybe somewhere down the road I will take this and the Fair Folk books and bits and pieces of other things (lots from the Tammy book) and make some strange Coraline/Labyrinth/Neverwhere/Newford /Under London type Urban Fantasy book thing for DCC.   

That would need to be a really pretty book though. I wouldn’t feel right otherwise

Anything else?

Yeah I really want to run a magical girl type game lately I don’t know why.   It may involve gemstones or dinosaurs or both if I’m feeling saucy.  We’ll see what happens.  This is pretty much me trolling for willing victims. 

Also, it’s not in the book but your DCC characters  _really_ should have not problems finding the world of Etherscope or something very much like it if they go playing bout the stuff in the Splinters book at all.   The clever reader will see it.  That was a great book. 


SPLINTERS sailing the seas of infinity 

 releases the first week of November 2021 

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Patron Design Tricks - For those stuck on designing a patron I share this

I love designing patrons, they are (among)( my favorite thing about DCC - one day I am going to run a variant without clerics and no wizard magic other than patron magic but give that to all the classes.   

But anyway. I do love patrons and I love designing them, though the latter was not always true.  Patrons often appear deceptively easy to create fully until you sit down and realize you either do not have enough for a full patron or you need to whittle it down to a more focused single thing.   IT can be a real challenge, especially when you are creating new original material and so lack the yardstick of a more familiar thing.   

Even then, executing an end result that anyone wants to play with ever is almost a second skill set.  I used to have a much harder time breaking down patrons and making their design nay good – especially in sorting out What (of the idea) goes where? 

Then at some point I recognized that they are all legendary, in the folkloric sense.

 What do you mean LEGENDARY?   Here’s what I mean - Once I realized that the one defining element in the game world  (within the fiction) that ALL patrons have in common is being Legends, then designing them became easy and a lot more fun.   Taints? You become like them. Cool.  Do they have curses they are laboring under? Now you do too.   Spells? Well, what is the legend’s story? What is the legend? 

The three spells are what happened in the legend.  You tell the story by describing the spells and their effects.  

Its’ a neat medium to work in and I love writing mythologies for things.  So it’s been bang on for me ever since.

Remember, the patrons you create are your (fantasy)’ settings folklore.  Build from there.

 Of course, you can call me on this as Through the Walls of Mistand Thorn contains no less than FIVE patrons, all very Fairyland themed (well psychedelics horror show Fairyland, _I_ wrote it)  and give me the what-for on my patron design. 😊 

Monday, September 20, 2021

now available Through the Walls of Mist and Thorn

now available from the Dreaming Gynoid.... 

Through the Walls of Mist and Thorn

Patrons of the Faery Chaos

A book of modern fairy, their rulers, what’s left of them, and how you can serve their many whims o’ vain and mortal child…..

5 Ladies of the Chaos to act as Patrons for your DCC game!

A comprehensive and immediately useable trip to Fairyland

Now available from DrivethruRPG  

and the Dreaming Gynoid Store